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About the Tenerife Airport Disaster when, on a day in which there was fog heavy enough to reduce visibility to less than 500 yards, two Boeing 747s had a head-on collision at the runway that resulted in 583 casualties and the deadliest accident in aviation history.

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The first Boeing 747 to fly a commercial route was also the first to be hijacked, 9 months after it flew its maiden commercial flight. 7 years later, it was also one of the planes destroyed in the Tenerife Airport Disaster.

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  1. A man named Jack Ridout survived the Tenerife Airport Disaster- the deadliest accident in aviation history. The following year, he booked a ticket on Flight 182 from Los Angeles, but cancelled it at the last moment. Flight 182 collided with a Cessna and crashed, killing everyone on board.

  2. The Tenerife Airport Disaster, where a KLM and a Pan-Am flight collided on the runway when about to take off. Post-collision, KLM asked for veteran pilot Veldhuyzen van Zanten to be in their investigation team, only to learn that he was the Captain of the crashed KLM plane.

  3. The two planes that crashed on the runway at Tenerife killing 560 people were not even supposed to be at that airport. They had been diverted from Gran Canaria island after a terrorist bomb exploded near the departure lounge.

  4. The Tenerife airport disaster, the deadliest accident in aviation history, the only survivor from the KLM flight from Amsterdam to Tenerife survived because she chose not to reboard for Las Palmas, as she lived in Tenerife and did not want to fly to Gran Canaria to fly back the next day.

  5. The first Boeing 747 to be used in scheduled commercial service (Pan Am's "Clipper Victor") was also the first 747 to be hijacked, as well as being one of the planes destroyed in the Tenerife airport disaster.

  6. The most deadly accident in aviation history occurred in 1977 when two Boeing 747's collided on the runway of Tenerife airport killing 583 and wounding 61

  7. The Tenerife airport disaster was the worst aviation accident killing 583 people.

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