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Carl Johnson was the Director of the Jefferson County, CDPHE. He reported that soil around the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant contained 44 times more plutonium than the government claimed. In 1977 he reported higher-than-average rates of cancer among the local people. In 1981 he was fired.

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Bactrian camel has long, triangular face and big, flat footpads which facilitate movement across rough, rocky terrains and sand. Its bushy eyebrows, dense, long eyelashes and sealable nostrils keep eyes and nose 'safe" from the sand during the sandstorms.

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  1. The Rocky Flats Plutonium Plant, which caught fire with nearly catastrophic results twice and eventually was shut down when the FBI and EPA teamed up to raid the DOE

  2. Horn shark is bottom-dweller. It spends most of its life on a depth of 6.5 to 35 feet, on the sandy flats and rocky reefs.

  3. In 1957 at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility near Denver, inside the plutonium processing building, a fire started in an area designed to be fireproof releasing radioactive smoke into the air. Plutonium soil samples taken in 2019 are still five times higher than the cleanup standard.

  4. Just north of Denver the Rocky Flats plutonium trigger manufacturing site contaminated the city of Arvada with plutonium from 1957 to 1989 when it was raided by the FBI for environmental crimes.

  5. Radioactive contamination from the Rocky Flats Plant, which operated from 1952 to 1992 outside of Denver

  6. The reason the Denver Beltway does not connect between Golden and Boulder is because of fears that underground plutonium waste from the Rocky Flats factory could be dispersed into the air.

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