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171,000 people perished in 1975 China due to the collapse of the Banqiao Dam, an event hidden from the world until 2005.

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In 1975 a "once-in-2000-years" flood caused the failure of the Banqiao dam in China, which killed 171,000 people and made nearly 6 million buildings collapse

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  1. Banqiao Dam deadliest structural failure in history killed 170,000 in 1975, and China tried to cover it up.

  2. In 1975, Typhoon Nina stalled out and dumped prodigious rains for two days in the Ru River drainage basin upstream of the Banqiao Dam, China, leading to its collapse and the loss of 171,000 lives, with an area 34 miles long and 8 miles wide wiped out.

  3. The "largest known dam disaster in human history" was in China where up to 230,000 died due to the collapse of the Banqiao Dam in 1975.

  4. There was a dam failure in Banqiao China That killed 9,600 people instantly and subsequently led to the death of 171,000 people due to crop loss that started a famine.

  5. In 1975, typhoon in China make Banqiao dam collapse. This cause > 60 more dams collapse downstream. > 220,000 people die.

  6. The Banqiao Dam failure in China in 1975 failed killing up to an estimated 230,000 people. Its failure caused a huge 10 kilometers wide, 3-7 meters high wave to rush downstream at 50 km p/hr collapsing 5,960,000 buildings. China suppressed the news of this disaster until 2005

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