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Female tears contain an odorless chemical that reduces testosterone levels in men.

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When men don't masturbate for 7 days their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%.

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  1. The scent of a woman crying triggers a dramatic decrease in levels of testosterone and sexual arousal in the majority of men. And that men are subconsciously able to differentiate between genuine tears, and those that are forced.

  2. Male elephants experience a condition called "musth" in which their testosterone levels are up to 60 times higher than normal. Elephants are so violent during musth that scientists have struggled to study the condition, leaving its cause largely a matter of speculation.

  3. Standing like a Superhero for as little as two minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol levels, increases our appetite for risk, causes us to perform better in job interviews, and generally configures our brains to cope well in stressful situations.

  4. Ronda Rousey tries to have "as much sex as possible" before a match since she says it boosts testosterone levels.

  5. The smell of women's tears will reduce men's sexual arousal and testosterone levels.

  6. The scent of a woman crying triggers a dramatic decrease in levels of testosterone and sexual arousal in the majority of men. And that men are subconsciously able to differentiate between genuine tears, and those that are forced.

  7. When men don't masturbate for 7 days their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%

  8. A rare, endangered marsupial that produces fatal levels of testosterone during 3-week "sex marathons." By the time the babies are born each year, all of the adult males have dropped dead.

  9. Cold showers increase testosterone levels, mitigates depression, and invigorates the mind.

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What are normal testosterone levels in females?

Why testosterone levels drop?

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Women's tears contain chemicals that decrease sexual arousal and lower testosterone levels in men.

Men can develop postpartum depression, and it is linked to lower levels of testosterone after the birth of a baby - source

About a tiny Australian marsupial that is literally sexing itself into extinction. During a 3-week sex marathon session males have so much sex their bodies produce fatal levels of testosterone, causing immune system failure that result in internal bleeding, fur loss, ulcerations and gangrene. - source

Men experience a significant/abrupt decrease in testosterone levels after sugar intake.

People with high levels of testosterone get pleasure from the anger of others. - source

When testosterone levels are high?

Males of newer generations seem to have lower testosterone levels than males of older generations.

How testosterone levels are measured?

When sprinter Dennis Mitchell was found to have high levels of testosterone during a routine drugs test, his defence was that he had had sex with his wife four times as "it was her birthday, the lady deserved a treat".

According to a Harvard study, humans can elevate testosterone levels by up to 20% almost instantly, just by changing their posture.

Male testosterone levels have been decreasing since the 1940's.

Men and women in close relationships have lower testosterone levels, while M & W seeking relationships have higher testosterone levels

Female athletes can be banned from competition if they naturally produce too much testosterone and do not consent to surgery or drugs to reduce their testosterone levels.

When testosterone levels are low?

Some female athletes may have naturally higher levels of testosterone than others, and may be asked to consent to a “therapeutic proposal”, either surgery or drugs, to decrease testosterone levels to a level thought acceptable to compete fairly with others.

According to a study from researchers at the University of Grenoble, researchers handed 114 men a plate of mashed potatoes and a bottle of chili sauce. They were simply told to add the hot sauce to taste. The men who added the most hot sauce also had the highest level of the testosterone.

Testosterone levels in men have dropped significantly since 1987

Crying females reduces men's testosterone levels.

A study of men watching porn before working out increased performance and changed testosterone hormone levels

How testosterone levels decrease?

Men Who Enjoy Spicy Food Have Higher Testosterone Levels

Having wide cheekbones is associated with more masculine traits due to higher levels of testosterone.

After three weeks of abstinence, no change was noted in the bodies reaction to arousal and orgasm; testosterone levels however did see an increase after the three week abstinence period.

Abstaining from sex for a week can increase Testosterone levels.

A study found out that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to over-react and overcompensate when their masculinity gets threatened, with homophobic tendencies and support for war doubling as a result.

Dennis Mitchell's defense after having high levels of testosterone "five bottles of beer and sex with his wife at least four times . . . it was her birthday, the lady deserved a treat," was accepted by USA Track and Field but not by the IAAF.

Finger length ratio is a sexually dimorphic trait. With men, having a small index to ring finger ratio is correlated with higher levels of aggression. This is because the finger length ratio is associated with higher prenatal testosterone levels and/or greater sensitivity to androgens.

Male lions eat male hippo poop to boost testosterone levels before challenging rivals

Studies in adolescents have shown an inverse relationship between serum testosterone levels and the amount of time spent in public pools. Chlorination by-products have been linked as a probable cause

Using plastic containers in a microwave or using certain plastic drinking bottles can lead to lower testosterone levels in men. A known result is "man-boobs".

Merely interacting with guns can increase the testosterone levels in men by up to 100% (starts at 19:53)

2009 world champion Caster Semenya was tricked into taking a gender test after her victory. Results showed she produced high amounts of testosterone, resulting in the Olympic committee setting an upper limit on female testosterone levels for eligibility.

Body postures actually affect health; people who assume confident body postures (such as extending your arms in the air in pride) have higher testosterone(the strength and muscle hormone) and lower cortisol(the stress hormone) levels than people who don't.

Power-posing (e.g. standing while leaning forward with your hands resting firmly on a surface) has been found to temporarily reduce cortisol levels, while elevating testosterone levels. This leads to increased feelings of power, and an increased tolerance for risk.

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