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A British Army Gurkha who, in 2010, single-handily fought off up to 30 Taliban fighters to stop his position being overrun

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About Airstan Incident, In 1995 the Taliban used their MiG fighter jet to force a Russian IL-76 cargo plane to land at Kandahar Air Field. After a year of captivity, the crew tricked the Taliban into performing a routine maintenance on the plane, and then flew away, under fire, to the UAE.

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  1. British paratrooper Joshua Leavey took on Taliban fighters while running through heavy machine gun fire multiple times in order to rescue an injured US Marine Captain.

  2. After coming under attack by Taliban fighters, a marine killed 2 with his weapon, and after running out of bullets, beat a 3rd one to death with his own rifle.

  3. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep a pro-Soviet communist regime in that country from being toppled by the Islamist Mujahedeen, which was comprised of many fighters who would later become the Taliban.

  4. The United States military has 4,000 robots that are used for scouting in dangerous countries like Iraq and Afghanistan where roadside bombs are common. The Taliban fighters have discovered that they can disable these robots by flipping ladders on top of them.

  5. The Iowa national guard was ambushed by over 300 Taliban fighters, did not take a casualty, and killed 270+ enemy combatants

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