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Lachhiman Gurung, A Nepalese Gurkha who lost his arm in battle but continued to fight with his bolt action rifle, single handedly holding off over 200 Japanese troops and killing 31 until the next morning.

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Badass of the Week: Lachhiman Gurung -- After a grenade exploded in his right hand Gurung was left bleeding, partially blinded and one armed. Then he grabbed his rifle, chambered a round, and shouted, "Now come and fight a Gurkha!". Killed 31 Japanese soldiers in 4 hours that night.

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  1. Lachhiman Gurung, a 4'11"Gurkha soldier held off against 200 Japanese soldiers for four hours-killing thirty one of them. He did this whilst having had his right arm blown off and had to shoot using only his left arm.

  2. Lachhiman Gurung, a Gurkha soldier who fought off waves of Japanese attacks, despite having to fire his bolt action using his left hand, having lost most of his right hand and arm from grenade shrapnel.

  3. Lachhiman Gurung, who single handedly fought off Japanese infantry for 4 hours after a grenade went off in his hand.

  4. During aJapanese attack on the 12th May 1945. Lachhiman Gurung was throwing back grenades when one exploded, blowing off his fingers, shattering his arm and severely wounding him. He loaded and fired his rifle with his left hand for 4 hrs. 31lay dead in front of him after the attack

  5. Lachhiman Gurung VC, gurkha soldier, who "single handedly" defended his post for over 4 hours against 200 enemy soldiers killing 31 Japanese in second world war.

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