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The gun on the A10 Warthog fighter plane produces so much recoil that, if you pointed backwards and never ran out of ammo, you could use it to fly.

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18th Century Norwegian swashbuckler Peter Tordenskjold once ran out of ammo during a sea battle so he sent his enemy a letter thanking him for "a fine duel" and asking him to send more ammo so they could carry on. The two crews then toasted each other's health and went their separate ways.

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  1. First Nations Francis "Peggy" Pegahmagabow, the most effective sniper of WWI, volunteered for service despite the Canada government's exclusion of Aboriginal people in the army. With a kill record of 378, Peggy once ran into No-Mans Land to retrieve ammo when his company ran out.

  2. Burst fire firearms were introduced to the US Army as a means to conserve ammo. During the Vietnam War (less well trained) soldiers would commonly hold down the trigger until they ran out of ammo.

  3. British forces did a 600 foot bayonet charge in Iraq - and they won (they ran out of ammo).

  4. During the battle of Arnhem, Major Robert Cain waged a one-man war against the German defender, destroying at least 6 tanks with a handheld anti-tank weapon, and when he ran out of ammo, he armed himself with a mortar. He even managed to shave before retreating.

  5. Major Robert Cain who earned a VC in Arnhem. He destroyed at least six tanks and a number of self-propelled guns singlehandedly with a handheld anti tank weapon. When he ran out of ammo, he armed himself with a mortar. Even though he was wounded, he found time to shave before retreating.

  6. During the First Matabele War 34 british patrolmen held off 3000 Matabele warriors until they ran out of ammo where upon the remaining men got up, shook each other’s hand and sang “God Save The Queen” before being finished off by the Matabele.

  7. L in 1956 a remote controlled wwII fighter plane that was used as an air target lost connection and started to fly on its own. Jets were dispatched but they missed all their shots and ran out of ammo,it took 500 firefighters two days to douse the fires that were started by all the munitions.

  8. In 1884 Elfego Baca (a lawman) was involved in a 36 hour gunfight with a band of approximately 80 cowboys. Surrounded and trapped in a house he killed 4, wounded 8, and the fight only ended when the cowboys ran out of ammo.

  9. In the Korean War, some US Marines ran out of rounds so they used a radio to ask for more. When making their request, the soldiers used their code name for ammo Tootsie Rolls. The person on the other end of the radio took it literally and when the airdrop arrived it was filled with Tootsie rolls

  10. A Canadian soldier during the Korean war, killed two Chinese solders with his pistol, ran out of ammo, and killed a third with his flare pistol.

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Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's father in law won the Victoria Cross (British Equivalent of the Medal of Honor) in WW2. He burst his eardrum and lost sight in one eye. When he ran out of ammo he picked up a Mortar and started shooting them vertically at the Germans instead.

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