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Star Wars blasters in the original trilogy used functional Sterling submachine guns, and had blanks to simulate a muzzle flash and noise.

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Polish resistance fighters manufactured their own submachine guns to fight the Nazis in WW2

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  1. Ernest Hemingway would take a Thompson submachine gun with him while fishing to shoot any sharks that tried to eat his catch of the day.

  2. The MP 44, often considered the first assault rifle, was originally named the Mkb 44 (Machine Carbine), but all new rifle programs had been suspended by the German army. The inventors simply renamed it the MP 44 (Submachine Gun) so they could continue development.

  3. Diplomatic bags are exempt from being searched, so the bags were used to transfer various stuffs, including cocaine, a submachine gun, limpet mines, a toilet pump, and two kidnapped people.

  4. Simo Hayha, the most lethal marksman in world history, amassed at least 505 confirmed sniper kills and 200 kills with a submachine gun during the Winter War. His rifle, a Mosin-Nagant, was only equipped with iron sights.

  5. In 1997, game designer Richard Garriot, held off a deranged fan breaking into his 'Britannia Manor' with an Uzi submachine gun

  6. In WW2, Russians really, REALLY hated massed German infantry and built a ridiculous/genius ground attack prototype plane with 88 downward-firing submachine guns in the bomb bay.

  7. The Uzi Submachine Gun was named after the creator Major Uziel Gal against his wishes

  8. The Bizon submachine gun was designed by the sons of Kalashnikov (Inventor of the AK) and Dragunov (Inventor of the Dragunov Sniper Rifle)

  9. Chumlee, of Pawn Stars fame, was house raided by law enforcement. The search concluded with 20 felony charges, which ranged from meth possession to owning 17 illegal firearms, which included an MP5 submachine gun. He got off on 3 years house arrest and counseling.

  10. A Finnish soldier during WW2, who after repelling a Soviet attack on his position, quickly moved to help a friendly unit repel another attack and killed 83 Soviet soldiers with a submachine gun in just a few minutes. (link in Finnish, translation in comments)

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