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Samuel Colt, famous for producing the revolver,originally created underwater mines. They were highly effective, however John Quincy Adams scuttled the project as "not fair and honest warfare" and termed the Colt mine an "unchristian contraption." So Colt returned his attentions to guns.

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Samuel Colt spent three years as a traveling husker and posed as a “practical chemist” with a portable laboratory. He entertained crowds by administering nitrous oxide—laughing gas—to audience members. The money Colt earned provided seed capital for his planned firearms business.

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  1. Before Samuel Colt started making guns, he was touring the US and Canada giving laughing gas demonstrations, calling himself as "The Celebrated Dr. Colt of New York, London, and Calcutta".

  2. Gun maker Samuel Colt designed and gave his name to the Walker Colt and despite it being one of the best known guns of all time his paid share was $10

  3. John Colt, brother of Samuel Colt (inventor of Colt 45), committed suicide... by knife

  4. Samuel Colt coined the phrase "new and improved."

  5. About the Walker Colt, an extremely powerful pistol whose sales helped Samuel Colt start Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. It was developed by Samuel Colt and Samuel Walker, a Texas Ranger.

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