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During the filming of Schindler's List (1993), when Ralph Fiennes was dressed in his full SS uniform, a Polish woman called out and said “how much she loved his uniform, and wished ‘all of you were back here protecting all of us again.’”

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Sgt Earl Hale. While taking six SS officers prisoner, one slashed Hale's throat. He survived and remained in the European Theater. Later, General Patton himself would berate him for being out of uniform until he produced a doctor's note excusing him from wearing the required tie.

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  1. Very few of the Waffen SS soldiers were tried for war crimes, as they were essentially a military unit with recognized uniforms and had little to do with the concentration camps.

  2. During the Battle for Castle Itter, French tennis star Jean Borotra vaulted the castle wall and ran a gauntlet of SS gunfire to get allied reinforcement. He requested a uniform and returned with the unit to fight the SS.

  3. The SS symbol, seen on their flags and the lapels of their uniforms, was based on the Germanic 'sig" rune, which means "victory."

  4. Two Polish fishermen took a giant catfish weighing 410 pounds from the Oder river which had in it's stomach human bones and uniform insignia of a Nazi SS officer dating from the occupation of Poland by the Germans.

  5. Germany tried to legitimize it's invasion of Poland as "defensive" by dressing SS troops in Polish uniforms and attacking a few small German border installations, even going as far as to leave dead concentration camp prisoners in Polish uniforms at the location.

  6. That, contrary to popular belief, the black uniforms of the SS were not designed by Hugo Boss, but merely produced by his company.

  7. Four Auschwitz prisoners successfully escaped after they broke into a warehouse, dressed themselves in SS uniforms, armed themselves, and stole an SS staff car, which they then drove unchallenged through the main gate.

  8. Jerzy Bielecki and Cyla Cybulska escaped Auschwitz in 1944. They managed to cross the camp's gate together using a faked green pass, prepared by Bielecki. Jerzy was dressed in an SS uniform, assembled from stolen parts of the uniforms with Rottenführer insignia

  9. A Hitler Youth soldier, Heinz Shuetze was only 15 years old when he was given a half-day of training with a primitive form of tank-killing rocket. He was immediately given an SS uniform and directed to the front lines to fight.

  10. Martin Monti was a US Air Force Pilot who defected to the Nazis but later surrendered to US forces in his SS uniform, claiming it was disguise. He was tried for desertion, was allowed to reenlist, but his Nazi alter-ego was revealed and he was tried for treason

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Why did the ss wear black uniforms?

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Fashion designer Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and his company produced the all black SS uniform and black-and-brown uniform of the Hitler Youth

Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazi SS and Hitler Youth. - source

Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi party and designed the SS uniform - source

A popular misconception is that Hugo Boss designed SS uniforms, but they were strictly manufacturers, not designers. Hugo Boss was only one of 15,000 companies involved in Nazi uniform contracts during WWII.

Hugo Boss designed the uniforms for the Nazi party, the SS and was a party member himself - source

When did the ss stop wearing black uniforms?

Hugo Boss was a early member of the Nazi party, designed the SS uniform, and used prisoners of war to work in his factories.

Hugo Boss designed and used slave labour to produce the SS and Hitler Jugend uniforms.

4 Auschwitz inmates successfully escaped by dressing in SS uniforms, stealing a car, and driving out the main gate.

Kazimierz Piechowski managed to escape from the Auschwitz concentration camp by stealing SS uniforms and a car. He and his 4 companions then drove to the gate, yelled at the guards to open, and drove off.

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