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The 7th time that park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning coincided with the 22nd time he fought off a bear with a stick.

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In 1971 Juliane Koepcke’s plane was struck by a lightning and broke up over the rainforest. She fell 3.2km (10000 feet) and survived. Despite having a broken collar bone and being extremely short sighted because she lost her glasses, the 17 years old girl survived for 11 days alone until rescued

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  1. Jesus actor Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning whilst filming The Passion of the Christ

  2. The town of Blowout, Texas, got its name when lightning struck a cave and ignited thousands of tons of ammonia-rich bat shit inside it

  3. The 7th time that park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning coincided with the 22nd time he fought off a bear with a stick.

  4. A 62-foot statue of Jesus built by a megachurch in Ohio was destroyed when it was struck by lightning and caught on fire.

  5. In Japan, you are equally likely to die from being struck by lightning as you are from being shot by a gun.

  6. In 1919, having pitched 8⅔ innings in a game against the Athletics, Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning. Despite being knocked unconscious, he refused to leave the game. He went on to record the final out for the complete-game win.

  7. In 2007, the First Mount Olive Free Will Baptist Church purchased a $150,000 Bentley, neglected to pay their $12,000 water bill, and defaulted on their $1.5 million mortgage. The church was struck by lightning and the subsequent fire completely destroyed the building.

  8. A man named Walter Summerford was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. After his death, his gravestone was also struck

  9. On August 24, 1919: Ray Caldwell who was pitching for the Cleveland Indians was struck by lightning after playing for 8 2/3 innings, got up from the ground, checked himself, finished pitching to get the last out and they won 2-1 over the Athletics

  10. Jim Caviezel, the Actor that Played Jesus Christ in "The Passion of the Christ", Was Struck By Lightning While Filming on Set.

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Apollo 12 was struck by lightning during launch and was on the verge of being aborted before a single Flight Controller realised that flipping a little known switch would restore enough systems to save the mission.

Each commercial airplane in the U.S. is struck by lightning more than once every year on average. - source

On August 13, 1966, in response to John Lennon's "More popular than Jesus" comment, a radio station in Texas held a burning of Beatles merchandise. The next day, the broadcast tower was struck by lightning, damaging much of their equipment and sending the news director to the hospital. - source

A 17 yr old girl was the sole survivor of an airplane that was struck by lightning. While still strapped to her seat, she fell 2 miles (3km) from the aircraft and landed down into the Amazon rainforest, where she trekked through the jungle for 10 days until she was rescued by local lumbermen.

You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning while drowning than winning the Powerball - source

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In 1955 a lightning bolt struck a land mine from WW1 in Belgium killing a cow, making that cow a casualty of war.

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After being struck by lightning, golfer Lee Trevino was asked if he would do anything different to avoid it. "I'd stand in the fairway with my one iron pointed at the sky," he said. "Not even God can hit the one iron."

On 26 August 2016 in Hardangervidda, Kingdom of Norway, a "herd of wild reindeer was struck by lightning." More than 300 (three hundred) reindeer died "in what wildlife officials say was a highly unusual massacre by nature."

James Otis, a patriot of the American Revolution, told his sister that he hoped when he died he went out like a flash of lightning. He died in 1783 from being struck by lightning.

On July 17, 1914, New York Giants outfielder Red Murray caught a fly ball to end a 21 inning marathon game. As he caught the ball, he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious.

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In 1998, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, lightning struck in the field during a football (soccer) match. 11 people died, all of the same team. The players from the other team were left unharmed. The whole thing even led to accusations of cursing and witchcraft.

In Congo, All 11 members of a football (American soccer) team were killed by a bolt of lightning which left the other team unhurt. The two sides were drawing 1-1 in the match in eastern Kasai Province when the lightning struck the visiting team.

A British officer who fought in WW1 was struck by lightning 4 times in his lifetime. The third strike paralyzed him completely and eventually killed him. The fourth one struck his grave, shattering his tombstone.

Being struck by lightning only has a 10-30% mortality rate

In 2016 a herd of wild reindeer was struck by lightning on the Hardangervidda in central Norway, killing 323 all at once

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Park Ranger Roy Sullivan survived being struck by lightning seven times, a Guinness world record.

Martha Stewart has been struck by lightning not 1 but 3 times, each time in the comfort of her own home.

Martha Stewart has been struck by lightning three times.

LEGO also manufactured "non-brick" wooden toys under BILOfix brand. Their wooden toy factory was burnt down twice: first in the 1940s and second in 1960 when the lightning struck it. After this, the team decided to focus on the production of plastic construction sets instead.

2 brothers in 1975 who took a photo on top of a mountain with their hair standing up, not knowing this was a sign of lightning. Minutes later, one of the brothers was struck by lightning.

Professional Wrestler Ric Flair has been struck by lightning twice, first time walking on the tarmac in the rain. It bounced off his umbrella and killed the man behind him.

In 1983 NASA was planning on launching a rocket to study lightning. However, before they could launch, the rocket itself was struck by lightning which caused a malfunction.

On July 17, 1914, New York giants outfielder Red Murray caught a fly ball to end a 21 inning marathon game. As he caught the ball, he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious. He did hold on to the ball, and the game was over.

During the filming of 'The Passion of Christ' Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus, was struck by lightning... TWICE!

A German robber was struck by lightning while in his prison cell. When his body was taken out, his clothes spontaneously burst into flames.

Apollo 12 was struck by lightning but a NASA flight controller named John Aaron saved it. He also saved the Apollo 13 crew members when he developed a safe way to safely re-enter via a power up sequence.

Homer's description of Athena showed her as a ruthless and fierce warrior. During the Trojan War she struck the ship of the leader of the Locrians - Ajax - with a lightning bolt for his horrible treatment of Athena's priestess. When this didn"t kill him Poseidon caused him to drown.

As soon as thunder is heard it is best to find safe shelter. Thunderstorms can begin very quickly and if you are able to hear the thunder then you are close enough to be struck by the storm's lightning.

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