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In 1971 Juliane Koepcke’s plane was struck by a lightning and broke up over the rainforest. She fell 3.2km (10000 feet) and survived. Despite having a broken collar bone and being extremely short sighted because she lost her glasses, the 17 years old girl survived for 11 days alone until rescued

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Juliane Koepcke, just 17 she was the sole survivor of a plane crash that left 91 dead. Despite falling 3km strapped to her seat, she survived with just a broken collarbone. She then endured the perils of the Amazon rainforest for 10 days before being discovered.

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  1. High school senior Juliane Koepcke fell a total of 2 miles from the sky into the Amazon rainforest when her airplane was destroyed by a thunderstorm. She survived the fall and walked away from the accident for 10 days until she was found and rescued.

  2. Juliane Koepcke. She was the sole survivor of 92 passengers and crew in the 1971 crash of LANSA Flight 508. After the airliner broke up in midair, she survived after falling about 10,000 feet still strapped to her seat.

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