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During the Dust Bowl, in Texas and Oklahoma static electricity was so bad children would run up to their mothers for a hug, and both would wake up on the ground, knocked unconscious by a massive static shock. Two men shaking hands could knock each other out.

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In 1919, having pitched 8⅔ innings in a game against the Athletics, Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning. Despite being knocked unconscious, he refused to leave the game. He went on to record the final out for the complete-game win.

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  1. During the filming The Princess Bride, the actor playing Count Rugen (Christopher Guest) inadvertently knocked Cary Elwes out when he tapped him on the head to hard with the butt of his sword. The scene of Westley falling to the ground unconscious is real. (Video clip in Comments)

  2. At age 9 eminem was knocked unconscious by a childhood bully with a snowball with a hard object inside, and was found hours later in the school bathroom in a puddle of blood. This attack resulted in a 10 day coma that many doctors thought he wouldn't come out of.

  3. The entire movie "Chinatown" is portrayed subjectively through the eyes of the main character, Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson), who appears in every scene. In fact, in the one scene when Gittes is knocked unconscious, the film fades to black and fades back in only when he awakens.

  4. Johnny Bright, the first black QB to play against Oklahoma State in 1951. Opposing defenders openly made him a marked man during the game. They knocked him unconscious 3 times in the first 7 minutes. After having his jaw broken, he was able to complete a 61 yd TD pass a few plays later.

  5. In 2002, a man from Tacoma, WA was knocked unconscious in a mugging and woke up a mathematical genius

  6. In July 1917, the "Red Baron" sustained a head wound during aerial combat that knocked him unconscious. As his plane was spinning back to Earth, he came to and was able to make a rough landing.

  7. Male funnel spiders use pheromones to knock females unconscious before mating.

  8. Mick Foley nearly died during a wrestling match in 1998's Hell in a Cell when he & Undertaker went off script. He was knocked unconscious after being thrown from the top of the cell, got up from the stretcher, climbed back up, choke slammed through the cell, and then once again on a bed of tacks

  9. On July 17, 1914, New York Giants outfielder Red Murray caught a fly ball to end a 21 inning marathon game. As he caught the ball, he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious.

  10. In 2008 a Black Friday stampede at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, N.Y., killed a 34-year old temporary employee and knocked an eight-months pregnant woman unconscious, causing her to later miscarry.

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On July 17, 1914, New York giants outfielder Red Murray caught a fly ball to end a 21 inning marathon game. As he caught the ball, he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious. He did hold on to the ball, and the game was over.

Lou Gehrig’s 2,130 consecutive games streak was helped out by then-Yankees GM Ed Barrow, who once called a rainout despite no rain while Gehrig was home with the flu. During the same streak, he was also knocked unconscious when hit by a pitch above the eye, but he still played the next day. - source

When Mark Wahlberg was 16, he approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man named Thanh Lam on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious while calling him "Vietnamese Fucking Shit" - source

The golf term “Fore” derives from the military. Artillerymen would yell down “beware before” to their infantry men to warn them of impending shells that would be ejected from the large artillery, which could knock them unconscious.

A major league pitcher that was struck by lightning, knocked unconscious but then got up and finished the game - source

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Anti-shoplifting pedestals in stores can deactivate pacemakers and activate internal defibrillators in people. One case has a woman's pacemaker shutting off and rendering her unconscious 6 times in a row due to being propped against a pedestal after it initially knocked her out.

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Jānis Pīnups, who deserted from the Red Army August 1944 at the age of 21 after being knocked unconscious in a battle. When he awoke he was alone, and used this opportunity to desert. He then lived in the forest for over 50 years, not coming out until the Soviet troops withdrew from Lativa.

Binti Jua, a Gorilla who, in 1996, who tended to a three-year-old boy who had fallen into her enclosure and was knocked unconscious and bleeding. After she heard the keepers coming in, she gave up the child freely.

Ray Caldwell, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians who in 1919, was struck by lightning in the bottom of ninth with two outs and knocked unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Caldwell continued to pitch and got the final out

A young Abraham Lincoln was once knocked unconsciousness for 24 hours after a horse kicked him in the head.

Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean had terrible luck with cameras: he destroyed the first color camera on the moon; lost the self-timer on his still camera; and on splashdown, a 16mm film camera knocked him unconscious.

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Back in 2002, 50 Chechen rebels storm a Moscow theater, taking up to 850 people hostage. Russia released a chemical gas knocking all of the terrorists and hostages unconscious. The gas killed 15% of the hostages due to adverse effects and the spetsnaz killed the terrorists while they were asleep

Babe Ruth was knocked unconscious when he ran into the wall while chasing a foul ball.

After being taken out on a stretcher due to being knocked unconscious, Mike Modano was dropped by the ambulance crew

Endal, "the most decorated dog in the world" (including "Dog of the Millennium" and the PDSA’s Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and Devotion to Duty, the highest award available to an animal), heroically saved his owner after he was knocked out of his wheelchair and left unconscious.

At a comedy festival in Montreal, comedian Jerry Sadowitz began with "Hello moosefuckers! I tell you why I hate Canada, half of you speak French, and the other half let them.” He was then knocked unconscious by an irate audience member.

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There was a participant in the Boston Tea Party who was knocked unconscious, then thought to be dead by his fellow collaborators, and had his body dumped into a pile of wood shavings near the wharf.

At age 9 eminem was knocked unconscious by a childhood bully with a snowball with a hard object inside, and was found hours later in the school bathroom in a puddle of blood. This attack resulted in a 10 day coma that many doctors thought he wouldn't come out of.

Jaba Kankava - a footballer for FC Dnipro who saved the life of Dynamo Kyiv captain Oleh Husyev, who was swallowing his tongue after being knocked unconscious (footage in comments). Kankava received the Order of Merit.

Bizarre Crash Knocks Biker Unconscious At Over 140 MPH

A Californian man claims to have been knocked unconscious in 2009 and been taken to another parallel universe, in which the Beatles never broke up. He managed to steal a cassette tape of an "unreleased" album which he has freely available on his website. Funny stuff.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's wife was involved in an accident where a plexiglass panel fell on her at Madison Square Garden, knocking her unconscious. Gretzky chose to finish the game, instead of going to the hospital with his injured unconscious wife.

In 2004 a kangaroo named Lulu was the first marsupial to receive a bravery award after she saved the life of a farmer by alerting family members after he was knocked unconscious by a falling tree branch

Baseball player Red Murray. On July 17, 1914, he caught a fly ball to end a marathon 21 inning game. As he caught the ball, he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious. But he held on to the ball and won the game.

In 1985, Richard Beltzer had Hulk Hogan and Mr. T on his talk show to promote the first Wrestlemania. Beltzer asked Hogan to show him a couple of wrestling moves and Hogan obliged. Beltzer was knocked unconscious, and he sued Hogan for $5 million.

In 1987 hey man committed to a 200 foot freefall to save a fellow skydiver who had been knocked unconscious after colliding with another skydiver

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