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In 1994 a man named Tony Cicoria was struck by lightening while standing next to a public telephone, and resuscitated by a nurse who was waiting to use the phone. Not long after recovery he said his head became flooded with music. He bought a piano and is now a successful composer and performer.

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Not only did Roy Sullivan survive seven lightening strikes, but after he was struck the seventh time he fought off a bear by hitting it with a tree branch, making it the 21st time he hit a bear with a stick.

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  1. Being struck by lightening is rarely fatal and 90% of people survive a direct strike.

  2. In 1919 Ray Caldwell was the starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians against the Philadelphia A's. After 8 2/3 innings he was winning 2-1 and on the mound when struck by lightening. He recovered in about 5 minutes and pitched the last out to win the game.

  3. Major League pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightening during a game. After 5 minutes he regained consciousness and finished the game, helping his team get the win.

  4. The Kingdom of Eswatini (also known as Swaziland) has one of the highest rates of citizens being struck by lightening. Between 2000 - 2007 alone, there were 123 victims of lightning related death.

  5. In 1998 during a football match in Congo, a lightening struck and all 11 members of one team were killed, while the opponent team were untouched.

  6. In the US, the odds of being struck by lightening in your lifetime (estimated at 80 years) is 1 in 15,300, or 1 in 1,222,000 in a given year. On average, 27 people die from lightening each year, and 243 (estimated) more are injured.

  7. It’s more likely to get struck by lightening than hit the lottery

  8. Tony Cicoria composed a song that was left stuck in his head after he was struck by lightening

  9. About park ranger Roy Sullivan who was hit by lightening 7 times, making him the person struck by lightening more times than any other. He later died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds over an unrequited love.

  10. The world record holder for being struck by lightening was Roy Sullivan, who was struck 7 times over several decades

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In 1971 Werner Herzog was location scouting for Aguirre, Wrath of God and canceled his flight aboard LANSA Flight 508 due to a schedule change. The plane was struck by lightening and everyone died except for one woman who he made a documentary about in 2000 called Wings of Hope.

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