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In 1929 hockey player Eddie Shore, after missing his train, drove 350 miles through a blizzard to a game. The car's chains broke twice, the wipers broke, he removed the top half of the windshield, and crashed into a ditch. He still made it and scored the game's only goal.

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Once a year in parts of England flying ants migrate. Seagulls catch and eat them and then become drunk off the ants' formic acid, causing them to crash into buildings and moving cars.

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  1. In 1895 there were only two cars in the entire state of Ohio but they still managed to crash into eachother.

  2. The scene in Fight Club where Tyler is explaining the cost of a recall when "A car built by my company crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside" is based on ACTUAL leaked memos from GM and Ford.

  3. About Karen Silkwood, a chemical technician who died in a car crash after attempting to expose unethical things done at the nuclear power plant she worked in.

  4. New Mercedes-Benz cars will play a short blast of white/pink noise just before an unavoidable crash, forcing the occupant's ears to turn off for a moment, preventing the hearing loss normally caused by the crash itself or airbags.

  5. "Complex PTSD". Typical PTSD happens after a single incident like a car crash, but C-PTSD results from prolonged trauma, like childhood abuse or neglect. It's harder to spot & to treat. Victims have issues with trust, boundaries, and sense of self... and they often get revictimized.

  6. The actor that played Anakin in Episode 1 quit acting as a result of being bullied for his role in the movie, eventually leading to him being placed in psychiatric care after crashing his car during a high speed police chase.

  7. In 2004 a flawless diamond worth $300,000 was attached to the nose cone of each Jaguar Formula One car in order to promote the film Ocean’s 12. On the first lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the drivers crashed into a barrier, and the diamond was lost.

  8. After the death of Princess Diana, radio station XFM banned certain songs that might upset people. Banned songs included Drive by The Cars, Airbag by Radiohead and anything by the Crash Test Dummies.

  9. A stray dog saved a woman after she crashed down an embankment and was thrown through the back window of her car. The German Shepherd emerged from the woods, pulled her by the collar off the trunk and 50 yards through the briars to the road where she could be seen by passing motorists.

  10. In 1945, a B-25 bomber pilot crashed into the Empire State Building's elevator shaft, snapping the cable. By the time the carriage reached the bottom, a thousand feet of cable had piled up beneath it acting like a spring, which allowed the lone occupant in the car to escape injured but alive.

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car crash fact data chart about I crashed my car 2 days ago... Here's the total cost analysi
I crashed my car 2 days ago... Here's the total cost analysis of my first love :'(

car crash fact data chart about Graph of car crashes in Allegheny County, PA, USA
Graph of car crashes in Allegheny County, PA, USA

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In 1998, Wu Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard witnessed a car crash from the window of his Brooklyn recording studio. He and a friend coordinated onlookers and lifted one of the cars to rescue a four year old girl, whom ODB visited in hospital under a fake name.

A car crashed through the front window of the struggling Cape Cod Potato Chips store in 1980, almost hitting the owner’s daughter. The subsequent insurance payment and publicity from the accident helped tide the company over until the following summer, by which time business was booming. - source

In the 80's and 90's, Domino's guarantee of delivery within 30 minutes led to so many fatal car crashes their employee death rate was compared to miners and construction workers. - source

A woman texted "Driving drunk woo" 3 minutes before crashing her car into a truck which killed her 22 year old passenger friend.

Frane Selak, an 85 year old who narrowly survived a train crash which killed 17, being blown out of a plane which killed 19, a bus accident which killed 4, 2 car explosions, being hit by a bus, and narrowly avoided being hit by a truck, TO THEN go on and win the lottery. - source

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Larry King crashed into John F. Kennedy's car in 1958. John F. Kennedy said he’d forget the whole thing if King promised to vote for him when he ran for president.

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In 2014 prescription drugs surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in 29 US states.

In 1998, a woman disappeared while awaiting trial after she had drunkenly killed a woman in a fatal car crash. In 2013, she was arrested in Manitoba, Canada after bragging in a bar about having gotten away with the crime.

Roger Federer's coach, Peter Carter, was killed in a car crash in South Africa in 2002. Every year since 2005, Federer arranges for Carter's parents to fly out of Adelaide to attend the Australian Open in Melbourne, where they sit in his box, stay at his hotel, and attend the celebrations.

Patsy Cline was offered a car ride back to Nashville with singer Dottie West. Cline refused, telling West, "Don't worry about me, Hoss. When it's my time to go, it's my time." Patsy Cline died in a plane crash later that same day.

In 2004 a $300,000 diamond was lost in an F1 crash. The diamond was attached to the car to promote Ocean's 12 and was never recovered after the crash

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car crash fact infographic about Percentage of US car crash fatalities where driver blood alc

Percentage of US car crash fatalities where driver blood alcohol level was .01 and above, 1999–2012 [from Wikipedia]. Do not drink and drive. It can rip families apart.

car crash fact infographic about This is my heart rate monitor from my Fitbit. Can you tell w

This is my heart rate monitor from my Fitbit. Can you tell when we got in a car crash?

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Cars with yellow, amber turn signals are 28% less likely to be involved in crashes.

A Kentucky sheriff deputy had 2 sons die in separate car accidents on the same night. He drove by the second crash after leaving the first one not knowing he had another son in the second crash.

The 1984 film, 'Romancing the Stone' was called a 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' rip-off by TIME. The screenplay was actually written 5 years earlier by a Malibu waitress who died in a car crash shortly after the film's release

Switzerland banned nearly all forms of motor-racing after the tragic 1955 Le Mans disaster, where fragments of a crashed car flew in the stands, killing 83 spectators, the most deadly accident in motorsport history. Despite numerous attempts to lift it, the ban is still in place to this day.

Rapper Lil Dicky made the music video for '$ave Dat Money' a song about saving money by asking house owners, a yatch owner and a car dealership if he could use their stuff for free. He also crashed a music video being shot by T-Pain and used it acting as if it were his own. Spending $0.

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Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) holds the record for the biggest car repair bill (via a successful insurance claim) to fix his crashed McLaren F1 - more than £900k

LED traffic lights have led to car crashes and deaths in the past, since they emit too little heat to melt snow & ice which block the lights

Sylvester Stallone almost died filming Rocky IV when he asked Dolph Lundgren to try and hit him for real. Dolph hit Sylvester so hard it bruised his heart, which swelled up and sent Stallone to the hospital for a week. He said it felt liked he'd been in a serious car crash.

Joseph Newton Chandler III, a reclusive engineer living in Ohio who was posthumously discovered to have stolen the identity of an eight year old boy who died in a car crash in 1945. He had been living as Joe Chandler for 24 years when he died, and his true identity has never been established

Mel Blanc the voice of Bugs Bunny, voiced Barney Rubble from the Flintstones while he was in full-body cast as he lay flat on his back with the other Flintstones co-stars gathered around him after a car crash.

In the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix, Jaguar fitted $300k diamonds to fronts of two of their Formula 1 cars to advertise "Ocean's Twelve". One of the cars crashed on the first lap, and the diamond, uninsured due to the nature of the stunt, was, and still remains, lost.

Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash in 1967 aged 34. Her car hit a tractor, killing her instantly. After her death, the NHTSA recommended requiring an underride guard on all tractor-trailers. In America the underride guard is sometimes known as a "Mansfield bar".

Obese drivers are 78% more likely to die in a car crash.

The highest recorded blood alcohol content ever recorded was a polish man who had a BAC of 1.48. He got in a car crash but likely survived due to his drunkenness but later died due to the injuries of the crash

George Miller, director of the Mad Max films, was a medical doctor who began taking film classes in his down time. Much of the physical violence in the movies was informed by what he learned treating car-crash victims.

Jan 1st 1953 a woman changed her name to Peace Pilgrim "to remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace". She'd walk until given shelter, fast until given food, without asking, it was given. She died in a car crash in July 1981 from a lift to a speaking engagement

Tiny Toon Adventures made a drinking is bad episode, where Buster, Plucky, and Hampton get wasted, steal a cop car, then die in a crash.

The worst crash in motor sports history at the 1955 Le Mans race. A car broke apart and flew into the stands, with its hood decapitating spectators like a guillotine. In the aftermath, varying reports claim 65-120 were killed. The link contains graphic content.

The crash that killed TLC's Lisa Left Eye Lopes had a passenger who recorded the last few seconds before the crash. This was only two weeks after another car Left Eye was in, killed a 10 year old Honduran boy. She said that she felt it was supposed to be her.

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