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The only known case of "Chromosome 6 Deletion" where a person does not feel pain, hunger, or the need to sleep (and subsequently no sense of fear) is a 7-year-old girl named Olivia Farnsworth. In 2016 she was hit by a car and dragged 30 meters, yet felt nothing and emerged with minor injuries.

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After a unit conversion snafu, Air Canada flight 143 ran out of fuel at 41k feet. The pilot, who flew gliders in his downtime, brought the plane down on an abandoned airfield which was being used as a racing circuit and everyone got out alive with only minor injuries.

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  1. In 1952 a double-decker bus was crossing London's Tower Bridge when the process to close the gates failed. Driver Albert Gunter made a split-second decision to accelerate the bus, clearing a six-foot drop onto the other side. The passengers received only minor injuries and Gunter won a £10 bonus

  2. A man attempted to board a cruise ship by bungee jumping off a bridge as it sailed below. He miscalculated the speed and suffered minor head injuries when he bounced off the ship’s tennis court, volleyball net and a deck railing before being left dangling in mid-air as the ship sailed away.

  3. The white spots on finger nails are called Leukonychia, and are harmless and most commonly caused by minor injuries that occur while the nail is growing. Contrary to popular belief, leukonychia is not a sign of excess or deficiency of calcium and zinc or other vitamins in the diet

  4. In 1990 British Airways pilot Tim Lancaster was sucked out of a window when it broke off and was pinned to the aircraft for 20 minutes while crew clung to his legs before landing. He suffered only minor injuries and was flying within 5 months.

  5. A British Airways flight experienced a blown windshield at 17,000 feet, the pilot was thrown out of the cockpit and was left half in the cockpit and half out. The pilot suffered only minor injuries, even after he was presumed dead.

  6. Rat poison is actually an anti coagulant mixed with stuff like fiberglass. Rats are always scraping and squeezing and they build up these minor injuries, the anti coagulant stops their blood from clotting properly and they internally hemorrhage to death.

  7. Olivia "Bionic Girl" Farnsworth cannot feel pain, hunger or fatigue and survived being drug 10 vehicle lengths by a car and recieved minor injuries and a tire track on her chest.

  8. In 1990, the first documented Crash between two Cars fitted with Airbags, two 1989 Chrysler LeBaron, occurred; both Drivers walked away with minor Injuries from a Crash they would not have survived without Airbags (Photos in Comments)

  9. Olivia Farnsworth. Olivia is 7 years old, doesn’t feel pain, and never feels tired or hungry. This is because a rare chromosome condition. One day she was hit by car and dragged down the street about 100 feet. Olivia walked away with only minor injuries.

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SR-71 Blackbird pilot Bill Weaver survived his aircraft disintegrating at mach 3.2 around 78,000 feet with minor injuries due mostly to his pressure suit acting as an escape capsule – in 1966

Harrison Ford was once piloting a vintage 2 seater plane that had a reported “engine failure” instead of risking the plane crashing and many people’s lives, Ford landed it safely on a golf course green resulting in only minor injuries - source

A student on a field trip once jumped off the Golden gate Bridge at a height of 220' "just for fun" and survived with only minor injuries. - source

A man named Bill Kennedy fell 65 feet, killing a man upon landing and lived with minor injuries.

In 1990, British Airways 5390's windshield came apart at 17000ft, causing the pilot to be hanging out. The co-pilot safely landed the plane and the pilot only sustained minor injuries. - source

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In 1975 before his career took off, Ric Flair survived a plane crash in which out of the 6 people on board, 1 died and 2 others were paralyzed. Flair escaped with his life and some minor injuries.

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A disease called "Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva", an extremely rare connective tissue disease that causes minor injuries to ossify and progressively "freeze" their host permanently.

Despite the fact that the potential for serious injury from taekwondo competition is high based on the nature of the sport, most injuries that occur are only minor.

Sarah Henley who survived a suicidal jump off Bristol Bridge because her dress caught the wind and opened up like a parachute, landing her safely with only minor injuries.

Hydrofluorocarbons in fire suppression systems can generate extremely toxic hydrogen fluoride gas at high temps. 3 US soldiers were killed when their vehicle was hit by an RPG that damaged their FSS, despite sustaining only minor injuries otherwise.

When the German Zeppelin LZ 37 became the first airship to be shot down by a plane in 1915, it crashed into a convent school in Belgium. One crewman survived with only minor injuries when he was thrown from the ship and landed in a bed.

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The former CEO of Walmart survived an aircraft malfunction by deploying a full plane parachute. The plane came down and left the pilot and people on the ground with only minor injuries.

A man was sucked into a jet engine and survived with only minor injuries.

Someone jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge for kicks, sustaining minor injuries

After losing all engines in a thunderstorm, the pilot of TACA 110 (who was once shot while flying another plane in El Salvador) managed to land the 737 on a levee in New Orleans, with just one passenger with minor injury.

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In 1993, a skydiver in free fall collided with another airplane causing the plane to crash. The skydiver had only minor injuries.

One FAA study found that between 1973 and 1996, unapproved parts contributed to 174 aircraft accidents and minor incidents, causing 39 injuries and 17 fatalities

A coyote attacked 9-year-old Madilyn Fowler in 2018. The little girl was desperately trying to get into her house while the coyote attacked. Fortunately, her mother came to her rescue, beating the coyote till it ran off. The little girl only suffered minor injuries thanks to her mom.

You should never ride in a car with your feet on the dashboard... you risk severe injury if the airbag goes off, even for minor collisions.

In 1950, an elephant ran through the wagon of a German monorail, broke through a window and fell some 12 metres (39 ft) down into a river, suffering only minor injuries.

Cats can survive a fall from any height. Cats have a terminal velocity of just 60mph (about half of human terminal velocity), which is often too slow to deal fatal damage. There are reports of cats falling 30+ stories and receiving only minor injuries.

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