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In 1996 during an SAS training exercise 21 year old Bear Grylls broke his back after falling from 16,000 feet due to a torn parachute. His surgeon said it was questionable whether he would ever walk again. 2 years later he climbed Mt. Everest

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Joan Murray survived a 14,500 ft fall when her main parachute failed while skydiving. She landed in a fire ant mound. Numerous venomous stings caused an adrenaline rush to keep her heart beating long enough for doctors to assist.

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  1. William Rankin who survived ejecting from his plane and the failure of his parachute, then spent 40 minutes falling through a several-miles-deep cumulonimbus cloud which featured lightning strikes, a hailstorm and what he described as the "feeling" of thunder.

  2. In 1999, skydiver Joan Murray’s parachute malfunctioned, causing her to fall from 14,500 feet onto a mound of fire ants. The shock from being stung over 200 times by the ants released a surge of adrenaline which kept her heart beating, and allowed her to survive.

  3. In 1999, a woman survived a 14,500 foot fall after her parachute didn't deploy while skydiving. She landed on a mound of fire ants and was stung several hundred times, giving her an adrenaline rush to keep her heart beating.

  4. In 1996, Bear Grylls broke his back after falling 16'000ft when his parachute ripped. Two years later he climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest.

  5. A woman survived a 14,500 foot fall while skydiving. Her parachute failed to deploy, and she landed on a mound of fire ants. After being stung 100+ times, the adrenaline rush was enough to keep her heart beating.

  6. In his multiple record breaking Stratos space dive, Felix Baumgartner opened his parachute early to allow his mentor Col. Joseph Kittinger the dignity of retaining his own record for longest free fall

  7. A flight attendant named Vesna Vulović survived a 33,333 ft fall when the plane she was in broke apart from a bomb explosion. She holds a Guinness World Records, for surviving the highest fall without a parachute

  8. Jack Lucas. He joined the Marines at 13 to fight in WW2, survived a blast after jumping on two grenades to save his team, and later survived a free fall from an airplane after both of his parachutes failed.

  9. If a pilot ejects above 16,400 feet, sensors in the seat will cause it to free-fall until the air is more breathable, after which the parachute will automatically deploy.

  10. About The Indestructible Alkemade. A WW2 RAF Airman who survived a fall of 18,000 feet without a parachute, and suffered only a sprained leg. His descent was slowed by pine trees and he landed in 18 inches of snow.

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Cocaine Bear, AKA Pablo Eskobear. The bear died in a National Forest in Kentucky in '85 after ingesting a portion of 75lbs of coke ($15mil value) that had been dropped by a drug-smuggling, corrupt, fugitive lawyer who had been parachuting with it before falling to his death.

World record for the highest fall without a parachute belongs to an air hostess named Vesna Vulovic. She survived 33,333 feet as she was nestled between a catering trolley, a dead body and the tail section of the plane. The first thing she asked for after waking up from coma was a cigarette! - source

Serbian flight attendant Vesna Vulovic, who holds the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute of 10,160 meters (33,330ft) - source

Bear Grylls survived a free fall parachuting accident from 16,000 ft by landing on his parachuting pack on his back which crushed three vertebrae.

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Joan Murray, who survived a 14,500 feet fall after her parachute malfunctioned while skydiving, landing on a Fire Ant mound. She survived due to receiving over 200 Fire Ant bites, which released a surge of Adrenaline, keeping her heart beating.

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A girl from Oklahoma that survived a fall of over 3,500ft from a sky-dive attempt in which her parachute didn’t deploy. She survived with several broken bones and minor brain swelling.

An estimated 5,000 bodies were found at the foot of Niagra Falls between 1850 and 2011, and in 1995 a man rode a jet ski off of the Falls expecting a parachute to deploy. It didn't.

During WW2 a Soviet Airforce lieutenant who intentionally did not open his parachute survived a fall from the plane of approximately 7,000 meters (23,000 feet)

When the parachute is deployed the skydiver does not go back up in the air. This is an illusion that occurs because the camera man doing the filming continues to fall while the skydiver slows from the parachute opening.

Cats have a non-fatal terminal velocity of around 60mph, and when falling (after relaxing and orienting themselves) they merely 'parachute' to earth like a squirrel.

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You can send your cremated ashes to space in a sealed spacecraft with the option of having them sent into Earth's orbit, fall down to Earth from space (via parachute), sent to other planetary bodies (e.g. Moon), or sent into deep space.

Martin McNally, a DB Cooper copy cat, who hijacked and parachuted out of a plane with half a million in ransom money. He dropped the money mid fall and it landed in the middle of field where it was found by a farmer. His fingerprints were taken from the bag and he was arrested two days later.

William Rankin was the only known person to survive a fall from the top of a cumulonimbus thunderstorm cloud. Flying an F-8 jet fighter over a cumulonimbus cloud, the engine failed forcing him to eject and parachute into the cloud. Rankin later wrote a book, “The Man Who Rode the Thunder.”

About Vesna Vulovic, a Serbian flight attendant who survived the highest ever fall by a human being without a parachute after her aircraft broke up at 33,000 feet (10,000 meters). She suffered many broken bones and was in a coma for 10 days but eventually made a near-full recovery.

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The highest fall without a parachute is 10,160 meters.

Tiny Broadwick, who was a single mother by age 15, invented the ripcord, and was the first person to parachute by free falling after getting her parachute entangled on a plane in 1912.

an Airman survived a 22,000 ft fall with no parachute during WWII

Half a dozen people have survived falling from the sky without a parachute

In 1966, skydiver Nick Piantanida died four months after trying to beat the world record for highest parachute jump. His suit depressurized mid-fall causing large brain damage due to ebullism.

Vesna Vulović holds the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute: 10,160 metres (33,330 ft). Her fall took place after an explosion tore through the baggage compartment of JAT Flight 367 on 26 January 1972 causing it to crash near Srbská Kamenice, Czechoslova

Cats can survive falls from up to 32 stories high because their bodies can act as built-in parachutes (also, a vestibular apparatus in their inner ear and a flexible skeletal structure)

Nicholas Alkemade, an RAF rear gunner who survived a fall of 18,000 feet (5,500 m) without a parachute on abandoning his burning aeroplane over Germany.

Vesna Vulović, a Serbian flight attendant, holds the world record for longest survived fall without a parachute, falling 33,000 ft and making an almost full recovery.

An air hostess survived a 33,000ft fall without a parachute

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