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William Rankin who survived ejecting from his plane and the failure of his parachute, then spent 40 minutes falling through a several-miles-deep cumulonimbus cloud which featured lightning strikes, a hailstorm and what he described as the "feeling" of thunder.

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There are two types of lightning strikes - positive and negative. Negative accounts for 95% of lightning strikes, while positive accounts for 5%, and is much more powerful and dangerous, and is more likely to cause forest fires.

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  1. Two paragliders were sucked into a thunderstorm during practice. The updraft was so powerful that one pilot was sucked up to 19,000 feet and killed by a lightning strike. The pilot of the second glider passed out from the altitude, but woke up still airborne and covered in ice.

  2. A single lightning strike killed 323 reindeer in 2016 because the deer were clustered together and the electric current was able to travel through the ground and up the animals' legs

  3. About 'The never-ending lightning storm' in Venezuela. A lightning storm strikes most nights for eight months of every year, and has been flashing for thousands of years. Scientists still don't know why.

  4. John Lennon's comment 'More popular than Jesus' created a huge backlash in the US Bible belt, with one Texas radio station holding a large bonfire of Beatles albums only for a lightning bolt to strike its transmission tower the following day and sending the station temporarily off the air.

  5. A 17 year old girl fell 2 miles after the airplane she was in exploded due to a lightning strike. She managed to walk for 10 days until she was found by lumberjacks.

  6. Japanese researchers have discovered that administering an electrical shock that simulates a lightning strike can increase mushroom yields -- leading to more and bigger mushrooms.

  7. The Catholic church objected Lightning rods until a gunpowder explosion in Brescia caused by a lightning strike killed 3000.

  8. There is an area in Venezuela where lightning strikes 280 to 3,600 times an hour, 300 nights per year. It is called Relámpago del Catatumbo, or "the everlasting storm".

  9. There is a phenomenon in Venezuela called "Everlasting Storm" in which a lake hosts thousands of lightning strikes every hour 260 days per year

  10. Lightning comes in two kinds known as "positive" and "negative". Positive is the more destructive of the two but is believed to make up only 5% of lighting strikes.

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A professor in Japan found that lightning strikes can double the size and amount of mushrooms in the wild. He decided to research this based on how consistently the myth of this phenomenon was found throughout the world. They suspect the electricity powers an enzyme that spurs growth.

Neanderthals didn't rely on lightning strikes to make fire, instead, they used chemistry, by putting manganese dioxide on wood to lower the temperature required to create a flame. - source

There are ghostly red lightning strikes 20 miles tall above thunderstorms called sprites. Long rumored, finally captured on video. - source

Harry Nilsson was worried about renting Flat 12 to the Who's drummer, Keith Moon, believing it was cursed because singer Cass Elliot had died there at age 32. Moon took the flat saying "lightning wouldn't strike twice." He died in the flat age 32, having taken an overdose of 32 pills

80% of Lightning Strike Victims are Male - source

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A British officer who fought in WW1 was struck by lightning 4 times in his lifetime. The third strike paralyzed him completely and eventually killed him. The fourth one struck his grave, shattering his tombstone.

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During the Apollo 12 mission, Ground Control feared an unexpected lightning strike during launch may have disabled the parachute, which would result in the crew's death upon reentry, but since there was no way to test it during the mission they didn't tell the crew.

In 1998, during a soccer game in the DR Congo a lightning strike killed all 11 members of a soccer team while everyone on the opposing team survived unscathed.

Two paragliders were sucked into a thunderstorm during practice. The updraft was so powerful that one pilot was sucked up to 19,000 feet and killed by a lightning strike. The pilot of the second glider passed out from the altitude, but woke up still airborne and covered in ice.

About Lake Maracaibo, a Place Where Lightning Strikes Almost 300 Days a Year, up to 1 million strikes a year.

Indigenous people of Mexico (Aztecs) believed that marigold has protective properties and used it for treatment of burns that resulted from lightning strike.

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The main natural ignition sources that can cause wildfires include sparks from rock falls, volcanic eruptions, spontaneous combustion, and lightning strikes.

In 2008 a violent electrical storm resulted in a lightning strike to the statue. The head, eyebrows and fingers were damaged. The soapstone exterior of the statue prevented severe damage as it acted as an insulator. The Rio de Janeiro state government began a restoration effort. They replaced some layers of soapstone and repaired the lightning rods on the statue.

The National Weather Service recommends not to shower during a lightning storm, for if it strikes your house and electrifies your water pipes. It can kill you

Lightning detectors are important for civilian safety but are also important for professional safety as well. Pilots, military personnel, boaters, and anyone outdoors is at risk for a lightning strike during a storm.

Although lightning strikes can look very large due to intense brightness, the actual diameter of a lightning channel is only one to two inches .

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It is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 lightning strikes during a monsoon.

Lightning isn't distributed evenly around the world. A village in the Republic of the Congo experiences the most lightning activity annually, averaging 158 strikes per square kilometer per year.

Lightning strikes can leave scars and behaves similarly to a gunshot, with an entrance and exit wound

If you are within 60 feet of a lightning strike you can still be electrocuted by the ground current and, due to different voltages at different distances from the strike, the further your feet are apart the more likely you are to die

About electric shock drowning which happens when electricity slowly leaks from faulty dock equipment (or a nearby lightning strike) and paralyzes swimmer's muscles before they realize what's happening.

Roy Sullivan survived 7 lightning strikes, the most ever, before killing himself when rejected in love

Lightning strikes increase migraine likelihood in the surrounding area. Possible explanations are increased ozone production, induction of fungal spores, or electromagnetic waves.

The sound of lightning striking the ocean, if heard underwater, sounds like the launch of a photon torpedo.

One-third of lightning strike injuries occur indoors.

Some lightning strikes are positive, and some are negatively charged.

90% of people struck by lightning actually survive the strike.

Red Sprites, which are red-colored bursts of electricity that very briefly occur over storm clouds as lightning strikes.

Lightning strikes hundreds of times per hour over one South American lake.

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