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Astronomers found a huge cloud of dust containing ethyl formate, the same chemical that gives raspberries their taste, in the middle of the Milky Way.

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Contrails decrease maximum daily local temperatures due to their cloud formation, and was only able to be studied during the grounding of flights after 9/11.

What condition is required for cloud formation in the atmosphere?

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  1. Only one person, pilot William Rankin, has survived a fall through a cumulonimbus cloud. The descent began at 47k feet after he ejected directly above the cloud formation after an engine failure, and lasted over 40 minutes due to a parachute malfunction.

  2. There are pilots who fly around storm clouds shooting chemicals to prevent the formation of hail

  3. It will take only 30 japanese hornets to destroy whole bee hive containing 30 000 bees. Unlike the European bees, Japanese bees have a defense against the hornets. When a hornet scout approaches a hive the bees hide, let him enter and then emerge in a cloud formation to cook him alive.

  4. Laser ceilometers in meteorology are used for a variety of purposes including measuring aerosol in the atmosphere, cloud formations, the structure of the atmosphere, the composition of the atmosphere, precipitation, gas presence, gas concentration, wind turbulence, wind speed, changes in wind conditions, and to detect wind currents.

  5. We know what the center of our galaxy smells like. It smells like rum, and tastes like raspberries. At the center of our galaxy lies a cloud of ethyl formate. That chemical is what gives rum it's unique smell, and raspberries their taste.

  6. Sunspots become very likely to appear every 11 years, effecting cloud formation and impacting agriculture and that this phenomena has been traced back to the middle ages by observing price drops in wheat every 11 years.

  7. The LMC contains a highly active starbirth region called the Tarantula Nebula. It is a part of a larger cloud of gas and dust. Its high rate of star formation may be caused by compression of interstellar gas and dust by the collision of the cloud with the interstellar medium. The LMC was also a host to a supernova (SN1987A) and was the brightest observed in over four centuries.

  8. A cloud formation called a Fallstreak – a circular hole in high altitude clouds formed from the evaporation of supercooled water droplets.

  9. The tallest structure in South America is the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory which reaches a height of 1,066ft. It stands deep in the jungle, over 100 miles from the nearest city, and is used to gather data on heat, water, carbon gas, winds, cloud formation and weather patterns.

  10. Nacreous (aka mother-of-pearl) clouds are rainbow-colored, polar stratospheric clouds that contribute to the formation of ozone holes

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What two conditions are required for cloud formation?

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Storm Clouds Turn Green Before a Tornado formation

Bird poop helps cool the Arctic. Emissions of ammonia from guano ultimately leads to could formation. The low-lying clouds seeded by the ammonia reflect incoming sunlight and ultimately have a cooling effect on the region - source

Cloud formations were categorised and named by pharmacist Luke Howard, thus originating nephology and helping for a better understanding of meteorology. - source

On 15 August 1939 during a demonstration flight to Nazi generals, a formation of 13 Ju-87 dive bombers ploughed into the ground en masse, whilst diving through lower-than-expected cloud cover (!).

Star formation is triggered when a molecular cloud of?

Plankton can affect sea spray which affects cloud formation which affects global climates, because the oceans are so big.

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The center of the Milky Way smells like rum and tastes like raspberries. Using the IRAM telescope to observe Sagittarius B2, a massive dust cloud at the center of the galaxy, astronomers discovered evidence of ethyl formate which is what gives raspberries their taste.

12 new cloud formations have been recently added to the International Cloud Atlas, the first update in 30+ years

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