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John Lennon's comment 'More popular than Jesus' created a huge backlash in the US Bible belt, with one Texas radio station holding a large bonfire of Beatles albums only for a lightning bolt to strike its transmission tower the following day and sending the station temporarily off the air.

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In 1998, a bolt of lightning killed an entire 11-man team with the opposing team remaining completely unharmed.

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  1. In 1955 a lightning bolt struck a land mine from WW1 in Belgium killing a cow, making that cow a casualty of war.

  2. The Flash travelled back in time, became a form of pure energy, and was the very bolt of lightning that gave him powers in the first place.

  3. Lightning bolts prefer to take the path that an aircraft or rocket previously took.

  4. The "electrolaser", a real world directed-energy weapon which fires laser-guided lightning bolts. When fired, a laser forms a channel of supercharged plasma out of the surrounding air, creating a path for the lightning and also causing a sonic boom.

  5. In Congo, All 11 members of a football (American soccer) team were killed by a bolt of lightning which left the other team unhurt. The two sides were drawing 1-1 in the match in eastern Kasai Province when the lightning struck the visiting team.

  6. The longest lightning bolt ever recorded occurred over Oklahoma in 2007. It spanned 321 km/199.5 miles and lasted 5.7 seconds. The longest duration bolt ever recorded occured over France and lasted 7.74 seconds.

  7. There is such a thing as ball lightning which refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects that vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. Though usually associated with thunderstorms, the phenomenon lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt.

  8. Homer's description of Athena showed her as a ruthless and fierce warrior. During the Trojan War she struck the ship of the leader of the Locrians - Ajax - with a lightning bolt for his horrible treatment of Athena's priestess. When this didn"t kill him Poseidon caused him to drown.

  9. A bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

  10. A single bolt of lightning could power 56 houses for a day.

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Lightning does not travel the speed of light. The speed of a lightning bolt actually varies, but typically travels 3,700 miles per second. Light travels roughly 180,000 miles second

The Average Lightning Bolt Has 1,000,000,000 Joules of Energy Or 2% of the Average US Household Energy Demand - source

In 2009 Usain Bolt adopted an abandoned cheetah named Lightning. - source

Apollo (the Greek God) actually aided Paris to kill Achilles by guiding the arrow to Achilles' heel after Achilles killed one of Apollo's sons in Apollo's own temple. Apollo also killed the Cyclops who fashioned the lightning bolt used by Zeus to kill another of his sons.

When the band KISS went on their 1980 tour of West Germany, they decided to change their logo so the S's in their name were more rounded off; this was due to similarities between the Kiss logo and the 'lightning bolt' Armanen Sig runes of the Nazi SS symbol. - source

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The longest lightning bolt ever recorded was 199 miles long. It covered this distance in 5.70 seconds.

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Positive lightning makes up ~5% of all lightning strikes, originates from the positively charged top of storm clouds, can strike up to 15 miles away, carries 10x the current of a negative lightning bolt, and is generally what triggers Red Sprites.

Lawsuits against God have been filed. In 1970, Betty Penrose sued God for causing a lightning bolt to strike her house and won.

In 1998 a single bolt of lightning killed an entire soccer team

The average lightning bolt is about 6 miles long. Their diameter is usually about the of size a silver dollar.

In 1998 a lightning bolt killed an entire team during a soccer game. The 11 players of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nobody on the opposite team was hurt.

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James Otis Jr., a patriot of the American Revolution, died on the year the colonists declared their independence from Great Britain by a bolt of lightning. John Adams referred to Otis’ political impact in America as “a flame of fire!”

The longest known lightning bolt could have reached from Brussels to London

There is a guinness world record for most animals killed by a single lightning bolt

Our skin can be burned up to 28,000 degrees Celsius (50,000 Fahrenheit) in a split second, five times hotter than the surface of the sun, if we are struck by a bolt of lightning

A Canadian man was giving the speech at his daughter's wedding reception when he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

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The worlds largest Van De Graaff generator is in Boston’s Museum of science and apparently several times a day they use it to perform a live lightning show! The generator can produce up to 5 Million bolts of electricity!

In Star Wars, there exists an ability that allows skilled Jedi to absorb the energy of blaster bolts, Force lightning and lightsaber blades. They can then use this energy to heal wounds or use their own Force powers.

Roughly 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth’s surface every second. That’s about 8 million per day, and 3 billion each year.

Lightning bolt temperature is about 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun

The Lightning origin of life theory. It states that the first form of life on earth originated when a lightning bolt struck a primordial soup.

Fire posed the greatest danger to the Forbidden City, as it was constructed almost entirely from wood. The Hall of Supreme Harmony caught fire after being struck by a bolt of lightning just 100 days after its inauguration

Steven Seagal designed and sold an energy drink called 'Lightning Bolt'

Usain Bolt, the fastest living runner, adopted a cheetah named Lightning Bolt.

Usain "Lightning" Bolt suffers from Scoliosis, an abnormal spinal curvature, which made his right leg one centimeter shorter then his left leg.

A successful Roman invasion of Persia was suddenly aborted when the Emperor was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning

Lightning bolts have been recorded triggering nuclear reactions in the skies above Japan, causing radiation and antimatter to rain down upon the Earth.

Cold lightning is a return stroke with intense electrical current but of relatively short duration. Hot lightning has currents with less voltage, but these occur for a longer period of time. Fires are usually started by unusually long-lasting hot lightning bolts."

A bolt of lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun

A bolt of lightning can contain a billion volts

In Back to the Future, the original ending was going to have Marty drive 88 mph into the nuclear explosion instead of the bolt of lightning in order to go back to 1985.

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