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The entire world was saved from Nuclear obliteration by one Russian lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov in 1983 by trusting his gut and not firing retaliatory nuclear strikes after a satellite had a false positive that America was sending 4 nukes their way.

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in 1983, Russian Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov heroically prevented a full retaliatory nuclear attack against the United States and NATO allies when his Oko nuclear early warning system detected 6 missiles coming from the U.S. and he immediately declared it a false alarm.

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  1. The Russian "Dead Hand" fail-deadly nuclear retaliatory system developed during the cold war is suspected to still be operational.

  2. Since the late 1970s, there have been at least 4 known 'false alarm' nuclear incidents of Russia and the US nearly launching "retaliatory" strikes because their early warning systems had malfunctioned.

  3. In 1979, NORAD experienced a computer glitch that alerted technicians of a widespread Russian nuclear attack on North America. The U.S. air defense program ordered the president’s “doomsday plane” to take off, and warned launch control to prepare for a retaliatory attack.

  4. Boris Yeltsin (1996) was the first world leader to activate a nuclear briefcase after radar systems detected the launch of a Norwegian research rocket being used to study Northern Lights. Strategic ballistic missile submarines were put on alert in preparation for a possible retaliatory strike.

  5. The soviets built an autonomous system capable of assessing if the Soviet Union had been struck by a nuclear attack and automatically responding by launching a retaliatory nuclear strike. This "dead man" system was designed to function if command infrastructure and leadership were destroyed

  6. In 1950, orders were given for the retaliatory atomic bombing of Manchurian PRC military bases if their armies crossed into or attacked Korea. The President ordered the transfer of nine nuclear bombs and signed an order to use them against Chinese and Korean targets, which he never transmitted.

  7. About Stanislav Petrov, man who desided to disobey orders, against Soviet military protocol, to prevented an erroneous retaliatory nuclear attack on the United States and its NATO allies that could have resulted in large-scale nuclear war.

  8. In 1983 the Soviet Union’s nuclear early warning system malfunctioned, causing them to believe they were under attack. A Soviet army officer correctly identified the error and stopped a full-scale retaliatory attack from occurring.

  9. Stanislav Petrov single-handedly averted a potential nuclear holocaust when an early warning nuclear system wrongfully detected 6 nuclear missiles had been launched from the US. He suspected it to be a false alarm and is credited with preventing an erroneous retaliatory nuclear attack.

  10. The closest humanity got to extinction was a scientific rocket launched by the goddamn Norwegians on the same trajectory as US missile silos to Moscow. With only a two-minute cushion to identify the rocket, Russia activated its retaliatory nuclear briefcase - for the first time in world history.

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Stanislavsky Petrov averted nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1983 when the Soviet satellite warning system malfunctioned, falsely reporting the launch of multiple ICBM's by the US. Petrov correctly identified the malfunction, preventing a retaliatory attack.

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