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In 1967, Egypt received false intel from the Soviets that Israel was massing its troops on the Syrian border. In response, Egypt mobilized its forces in Sinai and Straits of Tiran. Israel saw the blockade of Tiran as a Casus Belli and launched a pre-emptive strike thus initiating the Six-Day War

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The assassin of James Garfield bought a gun that would look good in a museum, pre-emptively requested protection from lynching, and requested a tour of the prison he would be incarcerated in.

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  1. The first pre-emptive attack on a nuclear facility to prevent the development of nuclear weapons was conducted by Iran against Iraq in September 1980.

  2. About the time the British punk band Crass nearly started WW3: they made a mock tape of Reagan and Thatcher discussing a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the Soviets, and then mailed it to the Russian government.

  3. In the early stages of WW2, the allies captured German plans for their invasion of the Low Countries, which meant the Allies could have made pre emptive attacks. Instead they did nothing.

  4. Winston Churchill urged the United States to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia in an attempt to win the Cold War, believing that such an act could be the only way to stop the spread of communism to the West

  5. Austro-Hungarian chief of staff Conrad von Hötzendorf asked for a pre-emptive war against Serbia, Italy and Russia more than a dozens of times before 1914 and a man opposing him was Archduke Franz Ferdinand who strictly was against the war

  6. In the middle of the night the New York legislature passed The Safe Act bypassing the state's 3 day required review period and enacting 14 new gun restrictions and allowing police officers to pre-emptively seize a firearm without a warrant or court order

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