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Submarine K-219, a nuclear submarine that sank in 1986 due to a missile silo leak. It sank in 18,000ft of water, and when located 2 years later, it's missile doors had been forced open and the nuclear missiles it carried were missing.

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William Leonard Pickard, the guy who had a lab in a missile silo and was once responsible for a third of global LSD supply, predicted the fentanyl fentanyl epidemic in the 90's

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  1. About the "Dumbest Member of Congress" William L. Scott, US Senator from Virginia who being briefed by members of the military about missile silos in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, reportedly said "Wait a minute! I'm not interested in agriculture. I want the military stuff."

  2. The majority of LSD available in the US in the 1990's came from UCLA Researcher William L. Pickard. He was arrested whilst converting an old nuclear missile Silo into a massive LSD Laboratory.

  3. When a Soviet research ship went to check on sunken Soviet submarine K-219 in 1988, it found several of the submarine's missile silo hatches had been forced open, and the missiles, along with their nuclear warheads, were gone.

  4. There is a an abandoned Atlas missile silo from the 1960s that you could buy for only $750,000 in the Adirondacks that comes with a house, acres of woodland, and an airstrip!

  5. Since 1967 there has always been a plane in the air above the US which has the ability to retarget and launch nuclear missiles without the crew in the underground missile silos being involved.

  6. In 1980 A single dropped ratchet in an Air Force missile silo resulted in an ruptured tank that led to an explosion that destroyed the silo and shot a nuclear warhead 100 feet from the complex entry gate. They then just filled in the giant hole.

  7. U-2s continued to be used by the United States military and intelligence after Powers" mission failed. It was a U-2 that discovered the Soviet missile silos being built in Cuba in 1962.

  8. In 1980 a Titan ICBM missile worker dropped a wrench socket into a silo, damaging the missile. Hours later the missile exploded, throwing a 740-ton door and ejecting a 9-megaton warhead into a nearby field.

  9. A dropped tool during routine maintenance led to the massive explosion of an active Titan II nuclear missile silo in Arkansas, throwing the warhead more than 100ft from the complex.

  10. Minuteman ICBMs can be air launched... normally they launch from an underground missile silo

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Ancient communal walled villages in Fujian province in China (called Tulou) were mistakenly believed to be nuclear missile silos by the US during the cold war.

The wreckage from Space Shuttle Challenger is permanently stored in two abandoned missile silo complexes at Cape Canaveral and debris from Space Shuttle Columbia is stored in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy, making it available for research purposes. - source

During the 1990's it's believed that up to 90% of the worldwide supply of LSD was manufactured in an decommissioned US missile silo converted into a luxury hideaway with hot tubs and bath appointed with imported marble. - source

You can buy a home made from decommissioned intercontinental nuclear missile silo.

The USA had a secret project in Greenland to build ballistic missile silo bases under the ice. - source

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How a con man turned an Atlas Missile Silo into the largest known LSD manufacturing facility in the US

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The silos of the United States' land-based Minuteman III ICBMs are located such that the missiles are only useful against Russia

On Sept 18th, 1980, a ballistic missile in Central Arkansas containing the largest nuclear warhead in the arsenal, exploded after a technician accidentally dropped a socket in an underground silo.

On September 18th, 1980, Americans came very close to nuclear disaster. During maintenance on a Titan II missile in an Arkansas silo, an airman dropped a wrench, which plummeted 70 feet and punctured the missile, spraying rocket fuel everywhere. The incident was quickly covered up.

The original plan for Peacekeeper ICBM deployment was to have one missile per 23 missile silos each at least a mile apart. The plan included a periodic, Rube Goldberg-like shell game of moving around the true missile and 22 false missiles between each silo.

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The initial groundbreaking for the first Minuteman Missile silo in South Dakota occurred on 9/11 – September 11, 1961 at a ceremony called Partners For Peace. Ground was broken north of Sturgis, SD not with a shovel, but a small explosion.

The closest humanity got to extinction was a scientific rocket launched by the goddamn Norwegians on the same trajectory as US missile silos to Moscow. With only a two-minute cushion to identify the rocket, Russia activated its retaliatory nuclear briefcase - for the first time in world history.

There are luxury condos in an old missile silo for rich people who want to survive the fall of civilization.

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Former UCLA researcher William Pickard was single-handedly responsible for almost all of the LSD available in the 1990's. After the discovery of the drug lab he was running inside an abandoned missile silo, the DEA reported a 95% drop in the availability of the drug.

For 20 years the nuclear launch codes at the Minuteman missile silos was 00000000.

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