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There is a kind of octopus with a detachable, self-propelled, homing penis.

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The Blanket Octopus have one the largest female to male ratios in the world. Females are often 6.6ft, where as the males are only 1in. To have sex, the males detach their penis and then give it to the female.

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  1. There is a type of octopus called the Paper Nautilus that has a detachable penis that can swim and mate on its own.

  2. Octopus suckers have a protective chitinous cuticle covering each surface of every sucker. When this sucker lining wears down, it starts to detach and the octopus will finish the job by swirling his/her arms together Result: hundreds of skin "lillypads" dancing around their tanks

  3. The Argonaut octopus, which detaches its penis in order to mate with females.

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