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Buddhist master Drukpa Kunley's penis was known as the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom" because of its ability to spark enlightenment and drive away evil spirits. Women from all over the world visited him to receive his blessing.

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A Buddhist monk who was famous for "enlightening" women with sex, referring to his penis as the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom".

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  1. There was a 15th century monk whose penis earned the title: 'Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom'

  2. Drukpa Kunley, a Buddhist monk who promised enlightenment through his penis nicknamed the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom". Women would seek his blessing through the payment of sex.

  3. A Buddhist monk was said to turn demons into protective deities by hitting them with the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom," which was his penis.

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