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Male waterfowl have a clockwise corkscrew penis. Female waterfowl have evolved a counterclockwise shaped vagina. This makes sex difficult for the waterfowl. Female waterfowl evolved non-complementary sexual organs as a defense mechanism because male waterfowl try to rape them so often.

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Bichon Frise has dense fluffy coat that consists of pure white corkscrew-shaped curls. Puppies can be light yellow or creamy-colored at birth.

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  1. Corkscrew-shaped fruit can be easily attached to the fur and skin of animals and humans, which together with water play role in dispersal of seed.

  2. About the Port Jackson Shark. Only found in a certain part of Australia, their eggs are shaped like a long corkscrew, and commonly wash up on beaches around the country.

  3. Marco Polo sheep are best known by their large horns that are characteristic for males. Horns start to grow 15 to 20 days after birth. They are shaped like corkscrew, positioned nearly parallel to the ground.

  4. Male ducks often force themselves into females and have corkscrew shaped penises so that they deposit their sperm further into the female than their rivalries. To counter this, females develop vaginas that are equally long and twisted...

  5. Syphilis and Lyme disease are caused by the same corkscrew-shaped genera of bacteria--spirochetes--and that left untreated, both can cause permanent, neurological damage.

  6. Male ducks have unique, corkscrew-shaped genitalia that regrow every mating season. The duck’s penis size depends on its social environment and hierarchical value— with some ducks growing penises as large as their bodies.

  7. About duck penises. 97% of male birds don't have a penis, but ducks do. They are also shaped like corkscrews, can be as long or longer than their body a grow anew EVERY YEAR.

  8. There are three types of sharks that lay corkscrew shaped eggs that the mother sharks wedge into crevices to ensure they survive the 11 months it takes to hatch

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