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Not only do ducks have corkscrew penises; they have the longest penises relative to their size of any vertebrate animal. If humans had the same body to penis size then a male would have a 13ft long penis.

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Male ducks often force themselves into females and have corkscrew shaped penises so that they deposit their sperm further into the female than their rivalries. To counter this, females develop vaginas that are equally long and twisted...

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  1. Male ducks have unique, corkscrew-shaped genitalia that regrow every mating season. The duck’s penis size depends on its social environment and hierarchical value— with some ducks growing penises as large as their bodies.

  2. About duck penises. 97% of male birds don't have a penis, but ducks do. They are also shaped like corkscrews, can be as long or longer than their body a grow anew EVERY YEAR.

  3. Ducks shoot out their 20cm soft-noodle penis and have to navigate a corkscrew vagina.

  4. The Argentine Lake Duck has the largest penis in relation to body length of any vertebrate--it is a long spiny corkscrew the same length as its body,and may be used to lasso females

  5. A duck's penis is sometimes as long as its body and spirals like a corkscrew.

  6. Male ducks are so sexually aggressive, that duck sex can often be consider rape. As a response the female duck's reproductive tracks evolved into a labyrinth, with dead ends, to not allow the raping ducks to fertilize them. In a response to that, male ducks developed corkscrew penises.

  7. Male ducks have corkscrew penises. And female ducks have corkscrew vaginas....that go in the opposite direction of the male's corkscrew penis.

  8. Ducks have corkscrew penises which can measure up to 40cm when erect.

  9. Ducks possess corkscrew penises that reach 20 centimeters long.

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