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There has been a case of a permanent phantom erection after amputation of penis.

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Alligators have permanently erect penises

What causes permanently enlarged tonsils?

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  1. The reason you should contact a doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours is that the blood is not circulating meaning that the cells are not receiving oxygen. The longer an erection is maintained, the greater the risk of permanent scarring of the penile tissue due to cell death.

  2. The Greek God Priapus, who was cursed with a permanent erection except when he wanted to have sex, at which point he would become flaccid.

  3. Tattooing on penis caused permanent erection in a 21-year old Iranian man. Doctors tried to fix it using various procedures but failed and eventually the man decided not to pursue any more corrective measures and continues to live with the condition.

  4. There was a Greek god who had a giant, permanent erection.

  5. About the greek god of livestock amd fruits, Priapus. He is also a fertility god with a massive permanent erection. The medical condition priapism is named for him.

  6. In Greek mythology, Satyrs are horse-like nature spirits depicted as having permanent erections

  7. The Alligator Has a Permanently Erect, Bungee Penis

  8. Alligators have a permanently erect "bungee penis" that pops in and out when contracting/uncontracting a muscle.

  9. Alligators have a permanently erect penis!

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Josh McDermott, a man who is permanently erect after being struck by lightning.

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