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A man named Jonah Falcon is recognized for having the longest penis ever measured in a documentary. Despite this fact, he has turned down many opportunities in porn. He did, however, agree to allow the Icelandic phallological museum to display his member after his death.

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Jonah Falcon, a pasty, slightly chubby man from Brookyln, has the largest penis in the world. His longest relationship with a woman has been a year.

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  1. In 2014, In 2014, the man with the biggest penis in the world, Jonah Falcon agreed to donate his penis to the Icelandic Phallological Museum (The Penis Museum) after his death.

  2. Jonah Falcon holds the title of the Man With The World’s Hugest Penis. 9 inches flaccid and a daunting 13.5 inches when fully hard.

  3. The worlds largest penis belongs to a man named Jonah Falcon. It measures 13.5 inches long.

  4. The world's largest penis (13.5 inches) belongs to a man named Jonah Falcon..and he's not in the porn industry. he writes a blog.

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