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Humming helps your sinuses produce more nitric oxide which is one of the bodies defenses for killing bad bacteria in your sinus passages.

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Watermelons contain citrulline which is an amino acid converted in the body to arginine, another amino acid good for human health. Arginine is used in the body to help produce nitric oxide, which helps to promote the expansion of blood vessels and decreases blood pressure.

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  1. There's bacteria on the back of your tongue that turns nitrates from your food (mostly vegetables) into nitrites that then drip into your stomach and become nitric oxide which helps kills bacteria

  2. Nose breathing is the most optimal way to breathe. Stimulating nitric oxide that kills bacteria and recovers 33% of exhaled heat and moisture!

  3. Breathing through the nose increases Nitric Oxide over breathing through the mouth and humming increases it even more. Among the various biological properties of NO are its effects on the growth of various pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  4. Nitric oxide (NO gas) is used as a signalling molecule to allow dilation of blood vessels resulting in an erection.

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