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The Murchison meteorite, which fell to earth in 1969. It contained high levels of organic compounds, came from a parent body that had liquid water, and the amino acids it contained could not have been synthesized on earth because they consisted of both left- and right- isomers.

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Tea has a less jittery and more calming caffeine experience than coffee because the amino acid L-theanine and high antioxidants have a calming effect.

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  1. The RNA Tie Club was a scientific gentleman's club created to "solve the riddle of the RNA structure and... how it built proteins".The motto was "do or die; or don't try". The 20 members each had a designated amino acid and a tie. They would exchange ideas over cigars and alcohol. 8 won Nobels.

  2. Cheese is high in tyramine, an amino acid linked to migraines. Monterey Jack and mozzarella have low tyramine, making them preferable substitutes for migraine sufferers.

  3. Moringa tree leaves contain all of the essential amino acids, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, more Vitamin A than carrots, and their seeds have been shown to purify water!

  4. A daily diet of nine baked potatoes would contain all the essential amino acids (i.e. a complete protein) and calories for a 136 lb adult

  5. Gender can now be determined from the concentration of amino acids in a fingerprint (levels are significantly higher in the sweat of women than that of men). The testing method can be performed at the crime scene and works in a manner similar to pregnancy strips or glucose meters.

  6. there are taste buds on testicles and anuses. they seem to be part of the chemical sensing of sugars or amino acids but for the most part their full function is unknown.

  7. An amino acid found in protein rich foods called Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and can help lessen symptoms of withdrawal in addicts. Addicts can literally be aided in recovery with cold turkey.

  8. A meteorite that fell contained many organic compounds, one of which is a novel amino acid similar to mammal neurotransmitters and can treat chronic pain

  9. Bacon might cure hangovers. British researchers from Newcastle University say that Bacon may actually help alleviate hangovers because it contains amino acids that help replace neurotransmitters that become depleted during heavy drinking.

  10. There is a rare disease called "Maple Syrup Urine Disease" where the body can not process some amino acids resulting in the urine having a maple syrup odor. It can be fatal.

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Amount of essential amino acids needed for muscle growth, from different protein sources

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Chicken vs Vegan Essential Amino Acids made on Google sheets using USDA nutritional data

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The "essential" in Essential Oils means "essence of" and not "indispensable to humans" like it does in essential fatty acids or essential amino acids.

Most energy drinks contain Taurine. The same amino acid that cats require in the diet to prevent them from going blind. - source

Scientists think cockroach milk could be the next superfood. It's 4 times more nutritious than cows milk, contains all the amino acids, and is time released. - source

Nitrogen is required to build amino acids.

Mushrooms breathe oxygen. They also require the same basic building blocks humans do, such as all the essential amino acids, nucleotides, transition metals, vitamins, including B12, C, niacin, D, L-ergothioneine and a large contingent of enzymes. - source

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1 cup of raw avocado contains 240 calories, 3 grams of protein, 12.8 grams of carbohydrates, 21.99 grams of fat, 10.05 grams of fiber, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids.

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All living things contain nitrogen, mostly in amino acids, DNA, and RNA.

Between 1899 and 1908 Fischer greatly expanded our understanding of proteins and their amino acid components.

In 1943 he was awarded a doctorate and the title of his thesis was "The metabolism of the amino acid lysine in the animal body".

Watermelon rind is edible, and it contains more of the amino acid citrulline than the flesh. The rind is also high in chlorophyll which is a blood building compound.

About alkaline hydrolysis, an alternative cremation method where the body is placed in a pressure vessel where a heated mixture of water and lye breaks down the body into its chemical components (i.e. amino acids, peptides, sugars, salts, and calcium phosphate)

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Baked milk" is produced by leaving a jug of boiled milk in an oven for a day or for a night until it is coated with a brown crust. Prolonged exposure to heat causes reactions between the milk's amino acids and sugars, resulting in compounds that give it a creamy color and caramel flavor

1/300 people infected with HIV are able to fight off the virus via their own immune systems. How? Killer T cells which utilize specific amino acid sequences. It is a hopeful avenue of research against AIDS.

RoundUp(Glyphosate) basically gives plants Diabetes b/c it blocks their ability to convert the sugars produced by the leaves into the amino acids required to thrive.

The ADHD drug lisdexamfetamine is a "prodrug" - amphetamine chemically bonded to an amino acid. Your own enzymes take off the amino acid and turn it into amphetamine, so it acts like a slow, steady drip of amphetamine in the form of a pill rather than an IV.

Mamoncillo (fruit) facilitates digestion, prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol level and improves functioning of immune system. Thanks to high content of tryptophan (type of amino acid), mamoncillo can be useful in treatment of insomnia.

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Soybean is the only plant that contains "complete protein" (all essential amino acids that can be found in meat). Soybean is also rich source of vitamin K and vitamins of the B group, dietary fibers and minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

The amino acid citrulline has also been shown to help to prevent too much body fat accumulation.

In both plants and animals, sulfur is necessary for building amino acids for the formation of proteins, enzymes, and more.

Amaranth has better nutritional value than wheat and rice and unlike them, it is also an excellent source of L-lysine, essential amino acid that facilitates absorption of calcium and synthesis of collagen, elastin, hormones and antibodies in the human body.

In the 1950's someone created amino acids and forgot about them, effectively forming the building blocks to life.

The "sharp" little crunchies in aged cheese are clumps of amino acids called Tyrosine clusters.

In 2011 a study found that L-theanine, an amino acid only found in green tea, had extremely positive effects on schizophrenics

There's a 22nd amino acid that occurs only in single-celled organisms

Unlike most other grains, quinoa is a complete protein. It contains lysine and isoleucine which most grains do not have enough of to make a complete protein. Quinoa has sufficient amounts of these amino acids.

In 1951 Linus Pauling used X-ray crystallography to formulate his model of the helix model of amino acids which greatly influenced the future work of Watson and Crick.

Virtanen worked later on various agricultural applications of chemistry, including synthetic cattle feeds that relied on urea and ammonium salts in place of plant fodder to synthesize amino acids.

Venom from snakes and other animals are only amino acids (Protein) and will be digested normally if orally consumed. even humans produce a deadly cocktail of digestive juices which would act like a poison if it were present in the blood stream.

There is a $900-million market for human hair. Women's hair is used for extensions, whereas shorter men's hair is reduced to the amino acid L-cystine, used as a leavening agent in baking

The amino acid L-Cysteine is added to many bread products as a preservative and is commonly derived from human hair, collected in Chinese barbershops and hair salons.

Quinoa is often labeled as 'superfood" due to high content of proteins and 9 essential amino-acids that cannot be found in other plants. It also contains dietary fibers, vitamins of the B group and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

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