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In 2016, Kraft replaced the artificial ingredients in its macaroni and cheese with natural ingredients. Nobody noticed.

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Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing macaroni and cheese to America, after encountering the pasta on a trip to Paris

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  1. The earliest known recipe for macaroni & cheese dates back to 14th century England

  2. Comedian Drew Carey tried to kill himself when he was 18 in Las Vegas. He recalled being homeless, was selling his plasma for $40, and looked for spare change to buy boxed macaroni and cheese. "All I had was water, no butter. That is some bad macaroni and cheese."

  3. In 1789, Thomas Jefferson returned from a stint in France with a handwritten recipe for "Nouilly a maccaroni." He is credited with bringing macaroni and cheese to the American dinner table and often served it at the White House.

  4. Ice cream, macaroni and cheese, French fries and champagne were all popularized in or introduced to America by President Thomas Jefferson

  5. Thomas Jefferson was a big foodie and is widely credited with introducing macaroni and cheese, vanilla ice cream, and french fries to the United States.

  6. Macaroni and cheese was introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson

  7. Thomas Jefferson popularized Macaroni and Cheese in America during his time as a diplomat.

  8. After selling their Smartfood popcorn brand to Frito-Lay, the creators went on to create Annie's Macaroni and Cheese

  9. Canadians purchase 1.7 million boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese of the 7 million sold globally per week.

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The recipe for macaroni and cheese was brought over to America from Italy by Thomas Jefferson.

Macaroni Cheese is originally a British recipe, coming from as early as the 14th century. - source

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is so popular in Canada that it is marketed as Kraft Dinner. - source

Beloved Canadian Kraft Dinner (Macaroni and Cheese) began when a retailer had trouble selling powdered cheese. He attached it to boxes of pasta with a rubber band and it was such a hit (due to milk rationing during WW2) that it began to be sold as a single product.

Macaroni & cheese has its roots in the 14th century. Later, Thomas Jefferson got involved in the perfection of the recipe and popularization of it. July 14th is National Macaroni & Cheese Day. Mmmm, cheese. - source

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