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Thomas Jefferson studied the Quran (as well as many other religious texts) and criticized Islam much as he did Christianity and Judaism. Regardless, he believed each should have equal rights in America

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In one of Thomas Jefferson's letters to James Madison in 1789 he stated that the Constitution and laws should expire after 19 years. This was to allow the new generations to learn from the past and change accordingly, it was also to prevent older generations from "binding" subsequent ones.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson was Deist, the belief that a God created the universe but hasn't interfered with it since.

  2. The US may have adopted the metric system if pirates hadn’t kidnapped the French scientist sent to help Thomas Jefferson persuade Congress to adopt the system

  3. C&P: Thomas Jefferson used a razor to cut passages from the New Testament and literally pasted them together into what is now known as the Jefferson Bible, currently on display at the Smithsonian. He felt the focus should be on Jesus’ life and moral teachings, not inexplicable miracles

  4. Thomas Jefferson believed Jesus's teachings were "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man," but that they had been appropriated by his followers, resulting in a Bible that contained both "diamonds of wisdom" and the "dung" of ancient political agendas.

  5. Thomas Jefferson helped popularize mac and cheese in America by serving it to his dinner guests during his Presidency. He even had his own recipe

  6. The first swivel chair was invented by Thomas Jefferson, and that he sat on it when he drafted the United States Deceleration of Independence.

  7. Thomas Jefferson thought the constitution should be rewritten every 20 years.

  8. One of the reasons Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to map the American West was to find mastodons—a large, extinct, elephant-like mammal. Jefferson was interested in the fossils being discovered across North America and believed there were still mastodons roaming the unexplored West.

  9. One of the most expensive wine bottles that was never to have been drunk was a 1787 Margaux from Thomas Jeffersons Collection, the owner brought it to a restaurant and a waiter knocked it over. Insurance payout was $225,000 in 1989

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Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing macaroni and cheese to America, after encountering the pasta on a trip to Paris

Thomas Jefferson kept a shetland sheep at the White House. It attacked several people, killed a small boy, and was eventually called "this abominable animal". - source

In 1962 Pres. Kennedy invited 49 Nobel Laureates for dinner at the White House. Kennedy remarked, "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." - source

Thomas Jefferson argued that because no generation has a right to bind subsequent generations, the Constitution should expire every 19 years.

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Thomas Jefferson proposed in 1784 to end slavery in all the territories, but his bill lost in Congress by one vote.

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Although we picture the Founding Fathers as old men, many were quite young. By July 4th, 1776, Aaron Burr was 20, Alexander Hamilton, 21; James Madison, 25; John Jay, 29; and Thomas Jefferson, 33.

The 1800 election for the US President was an exact tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, so the vote went to the House of Representatives. The House voted 35 times, all of them ties, until Jefferson won on the 36th vote.

Thomas Jefferson cut and pasted from a King James Bible in order to make a condensed version that included the philosophy of Christ the man, with no supernatural events included.

Thomas Jefferson purchased a thermometer a few days before signing The Declaration of Independence. He noted that it was 76 degrees on Signing Day in Philadelphia.

Thomas Jefferson tried for years to send a gigantic stuffed moose to a French count to counter claims that the North American climate made all animals (including people) weak and feeble

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Thomas Jefferson wanted the constitution to be changed ever 19 years because he didn't want people to be " enslaved to the prior generation"

Thomas Jefferson proposed a bill that punished male rapists with castration.

In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson had wrote,"We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable." It was Benjamin Franklin who changed "sacred" to "self-evident" to champion rationality as opposed to religious providence

Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Neil Armstrong (+ many others) were all Deists. They believed God did not interfere or effect events on Earth - a view seen as herecy throughout most of their lives.

Thomas Jefferson believed that The Constitution should expire every 19 years.

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George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were Christian Deists and did not believe that Jesus Christ was divine.

In addition to being fluent in English, Greek, Latin, French, Italian and Spanish, Thomas Jefferson also studied Arabic, Gaelic and Welsh, and remains the most multilingual President of the United States.

Thomas Jefferson created his own Bible, 46 pages long, using a razor he cut and pasted selected verses. It excluded angels, references to the Trinity, and all miracles by Jesus including the resurrection.

My name is Haines" was a famous 1800s catchphrase, dropped in conversation when someone needed to leave somewhere quickly. It was inspired by a man's awkward encounter with Thomas Jefferson. In 1840 a newspaper said it had "a popularity which no other slang phrase has ever attained."

US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin van Buren, and Dwight Eisenhower all had red hair.

After the Library of Congress was burned by the British in 1814, Thomas Jefferson offered his entire personal library as a replacement—more than doubling the previous size of the library to 6,487 volumes

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were “deists” who believe in a God that created the universe and scientific laws but then is completely indifferent to it. One that doesn’t meddle in the affairs of humans, making miracles or praying false and unnecessary.

Thomas Jefferson helped to popularize "Mac 'n Cheese" by serving it to dinner guests during his presidency.

In 1989, a bottle, also from Thomas Jefferson's collection, was valued at an astronomical $500,000 by its owner, William Sokolin. When Sokolin took the wine with him to a Margaux dinner at the Four Season Hotel, a waiter knocked the bottle over, breaking it. Insurers paid out $225,000.

American Revolutionary War hero, Polish general Tadeusz Kosciuszko. After the war, before returning to Europe, he left Thomas Jefferson his will, dedicating his pay and estate to buy the freedom of black slaves and educate them for independent life and work. The will was never executed.

The highest mountain in Australia is named after the Polish national hero, Tadeusz Kościuszko, who was also a military leader in the American Revolutionary War, and personal friend of Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson once said that "If ever this vast country is brought under a single government, it will be one of the most extensive corruption, indifferent and incapable"

A law school grad sued her alma mater, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, because she felt they made false statements that she'd be able to get a good job after acquiring a law degree from them. She lost the case.

Thomas Jefferson created his own version of the bilbe, where he omitted parts he felt was "contrary to reason" such as miraculous events. It focused on Christ's moral teachings.

Thomas Jefferson built a clock on the outside wall of his house with only an hour hand, as he believed an hour hand would be accurate enough for his slaves

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