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Thomas Jefferson helped popularize mac and cheese in America by serving it to his dinner guests during his Presidency. He even had his own recipe

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Thomas Jefferson helped to popularize "Mac 'n Cheese" by serving it to dinner guests during his presidency.

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  1. Boxed Mac & Cheese was first created in the Great Depression as a way to feed families cheaply.

  2. James Hemings, bother of Sally Hemings and Martha Jefferson. He was one of Thomas Jefferson's slaves that he brought to Paris with him to have him trained as a classically French trained chef. He introduced Ice cream, whipped cream, Mac and Cheese, French Fries, and Creme Brulee to the US.

  3. Canadians eat more Mac and Cheese than any other nationality

  4. The Barenaked Ladies were pelted with hundreds of mac and cheese boxes during live performances of "If I Had $1,000,000". They turned the ritual into donation.

  5. Thomas Jefferson loved Mac and cheese. He sketched a picture of the "maccaroni" machine on his travels and even served a baked version at a state dinner

  6. The box of Kraft Mac & Cheese is supposed to make 3 servings

  7. Thomas Jefferson, with his chef/slave James Hemings, brought the mac & cheese to the US of A.

  8. Frito Lay once opened a Cheeto-themed restaurant. The Spotted Cheetah revolved entirely around Cheetos, and had dishes like Cheeto meatballs and cheeto mac n cheese

  9. Fans would throw boxes of Mac n Cheese @ The Barenaked Ladies during "if I had a million dollars" and it would be donated to a local shelter.

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Oprah Winfrey ate 30 pounds of mac and cheese when Beloved made less money than Bride of Chucky at the box office.

Smartfood's creators sold the company to Frito-Lay and went on to create Annie's Mac & Cheese, which they sold as well. - source

During an interview in prison, serial killer Richard Trenton Chase handed FBI agent Robert Ressler a large amount of Mac and Cheese he took out of his pants, claiming that that the prison guards were in league with the Nazies to poison him. - source

This web series that reviews mac & cheese just posted a mac & cheese themed horror movie as their Halloween special and it blew my mind.

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Thomas Jefferson, with his chef/slave James Hemings, invented the mac & cheese.

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Burger King is making Cheetos-covered mac and cheese ("Mac 'n Cheetos")

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