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Leonardo DiCaprio blocked a film he was in from being released in the US and Canada. The producer of the film has released it on the Internet, and drafted a letter to Leo about it.

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The Leo DiCaprio film "Wolf of Wall Street" that immortalised the life of corrupt wall street traders was largely financed by money stolen by corrupt financial traders.

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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio once led a group called the "Pussy Posse" in the 90's where he and other young celeb friends tore through cities and pretty much had women delivered to them. Roger Wilson eventually pressed charges because Leo and company wanted his wife and ended up getting into a brawl

  2. Mark Wahlberg's break out acting role was in the movie The Basketball Diaries in which he played a drug-addict. He starred with Leo DiCaprio.

  3. Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio was so popular that 7% of American teen girls had seen it twice within five weeks. The phenomenon of girls repeatedly watching the film was nicknamed "Leo-Mania".

  4. Leo DiCaprio auditioned for and was up for the role of Max in the movie Hocus Pocus

  5. Nicolas Cage has bought a dinosaur skull (after outbidding Leo DiCaprio), haunted mansion, two castles, a deserted island, burial tomb, shrunken pygmy heads, and an octopus. Turns out the skull was stolen, and he had to return it to Mongolia.

  6. Leo DiCaprio really wanted to be in The Mummy as Rick O’Connell but he couldn’t bc he was contracted to The Beach. He asked for the beach to postpone shooting but they refused. So he had to pass. The beach was postponed anyway 🤦

  7. Leo Dicaprio called out big time in video on his environmental activism...

  8. Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest inspiration for the quaalude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street is a Youtube video called “The Drunkest Man in the World”. It’s a video that shows a man struggling to get a beer, but he’s rolling around on the floor. Leo said that he watched the video on loop.

  9. Leo DiCaprio's character's friend in Gangs of New York, Johnny, is Elliot from E.T., Henry Thomas

  10. Kenneth Branagh, like Leonardo DiCaprio until recently, has also been nominated for five Oscars without winning. But unlike Leo, Branagh's nominations were in five different categories, which is unique.

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Although Leo DiCaprio hadn't WON an Oscar prior to The Revenant, he did HAVE a Best Actor Oscar -- the statue awarded to Marlon Brando for his work in On The Waterfront

Cinema goers have spent more than a billion dollars more to see Leo DiCaprio die on screen than they have spent to see Matt Damon rescued. - source

The Outsiders was made into a TV show in 1990 that ran for only half a season. Ft: Jay R. Ferguson (Mad Men), David Arquette + Leo DiCaprio in one of his first roles as "fighting kid" in the pilot. - source

Leo DiCaprio and Tom Brady are Eskimo brothers.

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