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Will Smith turned down the role of Django in Django Unchained because it wasn't "the lead."

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Christoph Waltz received a total of 15 nominations for his roles in Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. He won 11 of these, including the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and the BAFTA Awards for BOTH films.

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  1. Will Smith turned down the role of Django in Django Unchained because it wasn't the lead role. Smith explained, I was like, ‘No, Quentin, please, I need to kill the bad guy!’”

  2. Will Smith turned down the roles of Neo in The Matrix, Django in Django: Unchained, and Superman in Superman Returns

  3. While training for his role in "Django Unchained", Christoph Waltz fell off a horse and broke his pelvis. When he returned to the shoot, Jamie Foxx gave him a gift to make him feel secure: a saddle with a seatbelt.

  4. The movie poster for Django Unchained was designed by a fan and purchased by the studio at Tarantino's request.

  5. Django Unchained the first time in 16 years that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't billed as the lead.

  6. In Django Unchained, Django and his wife Broomhilda von Schaft are the ancestors of John Shaft.

  7. In Attack of the Clones, Samuel L Jackson killed a bounty hunter named Jango. In Django Unchained, Samuel L Jackson was killed by a bounty hunter named Django.

  8. Quentin Tarantino created a trilogy of revenge movies. The first was Inglorious Basterds. The second was Django Unchained, and the third is believed to be titled Black Crow.

  9. The movie poster for Django Unchained was designed by a fan and purchased by the studio at Tarantino's request.

  10. The theme song from Django Unchained was borrowed from the 1966 film Django. Franco Nero, who plays the hero in the Spaghetti Western, has a short cameo in Tarantino's film.

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During filming of 'Django Unchained,' Leonardo Dicaprio struggled using the 'N' amongst his black cast mates, until Samuel L. Jackson pulled him aside and said ‘Hey motherfucker, this is just another Tuesday for us, let’s go.” - source

Quentin Tarantino believes his film "Django Unchained" is a prequel to the "Shaft" franchise, stating about the lead characters, “John Shaft started with this lady here and this man here! They’re the great-great-great-grandparents of ‘Shut your mouth!’” - source

The character Django Freeman was not created in "Django Unchained" but is the star of up to 31 spaghetti western movies originating from the 1966 film "Django" where he is portrayed by Franco Nero, a white Italian actor.

Tarantino chose to speak in an Australian accent in Django Unchained because he couldn't pull off the southern drawl. - source

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In a heated scene in Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio slammed his hand onto a table so hard that a glass shattered and badly cut his hand. He continued the scene while his hand bled. This version of the scene ended up in the movie.

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The mechanics behind the 'Dukes of Hazzard General Lee' restored the Melody Ranch; the iconic western town studio seen in hits such as Deadwood, Django Unchained and WestWorld

James Remar plays two different characters in the movie Django Unchained, which allows a certain character to be killed by the same actor he previously killed.

The Hateful Eight was originally written as a sequel to Django Unchained

The bloody hand scene in Django Unchained was improvised by Leonardo DiCaprio

Samuel Jackson sang the vocals for a song in Django Unchained. Awesome song (and movie), he sings well!

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Leonardo DiCaprio severely cut his hand while the cameras were rolling on the set of "Django Unchained" and kept moving through the scene, never breaking character.

Leonardo DiCaprio cut open his hand from slamming a glass in django unchained, but even after causing an injury needing stitches continued and finished the scene even including the blood from his hand into the scene.

While delivering the "Skull Dimple" scene in Django: Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio actually cut his hand while slamming it on the table after he delivered that palm sweating speech.

While filming “Django Unchained,’ Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly felt unsure about his character's frequent use of the word “nigger.” Sam Jackson then sat him down and said, “Motherfucker, this is just another Tuesday for us.”

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Will Smith turned down the role of Django in Django Unchained because he said, "it had to be a love story."

Django's (from Django Unchained) blue velvet suit was heavily influenced by the 18th century painting "The Blue Boy" by Thomas Gainsborough.

Leonardo DiCaprio badly cut his hand during the filming of "Django Unchained." DiCaprio improvised by smearing his blood on a slave girl's face to demonstrate his villainous character. The scene was used in the movie and DiCaprio needed multiple stitches afterwards.

When Leonardo DiCaprio broke the glass cup in Django Unchained with his hand, the blood was real.

Django from Django Unchained is related to Shaft and is in the same universe as Kill Bill AND Spy Kids and that Machete is the character that ties this all together.

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