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When Dennis Hopper's 7-year-old son asked him why he played King Koopa in "Super Mario Brothers," Dennis told him "So you can have shoes." The son replied, "I don't need shoes."

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Rip Torn lost his role in "Easy Rider" to Jack Nicholson after a confrontation at dinner. Dennis Hopper claimed he pulled a knife on him. Torn says Hopper pulled the knife. Hopper repeated the story on the Tonight Show, prompting Torn to sue for defamation, winning $1 million in damages

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  1. Dennis Hopper went on T.V. and told a story about how Rip Torn pulled a knife on him. Torn sued for defamation and won. Hopper had to pay compensatory but not punitive. Hopper later appealed the ruling. Appellate not only upheld the decision but also made him pay another $475,000 in punitive.

  2. Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson used real drugs on screen in the 1969 classic Easy Rider

  3. Rip Torn and Dennis Hopper got into a drunken fight with butter knives at a dinner party, leading to Torn being replaced by Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider launching Nicholsons career

  4. Dennis Hopper, while in Australia filming Mad Dog Morgan, about an 1860s outlaw, went to Morgan's grave at the conclusion of filming, got so drunk the police were called and he was shipped straight back to the US.

  5. Dennis Hoppers daily diet during the filming of 1976's "Mad Dog Morgan" was 20 to 30 beers, half a gallon of rum and three grams of cocaine.

  6. Actor Dennis Hopper once sat in a chair with six sticks of dynamite arranged around him, lit the fuses, and blew himself up in front of a crowd of onlookers as a stunt he referred to as the "Russian Dynamite Death Chair Act."

  7. Dennis Hopper became so invested in the role while playing the lead in "Mad Dog Morgan" that after filming completed he went to the real Morgan's grave, got drunk on rum and had to be taken away by authorities and deported from Australia.

  8. Actor Dennis Hopper was a huge fan of the band Killer Pussy, best known for their single "Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage." Hopper painted a portrait of lead singer Lucy LaMode, which was displayed prominently on the Sarah Jessica Parker sitcom Square Pegs.

  9. Robert Loggia showed up for an audition to play Frank Booth, unaware that Dennis Hopper had been cast, and waited for 3 hours. Upon seeing Lynch, he launched into a profanity-laden rant. Loggia, later played Mr. Eddy in Lynch's Lost Highway. His rant would become Mr. Eddy's road rage scene.

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Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper used to play golf together...

Peter Fonda designed and had built the Captain America bike from Easy Rider from used LAPD Police Bikes bought at auction and that it and the Dennis Hopper Bike was stolen and parted out before the movie came out - source

During The Filming of 'Apocalypse Now', Dennis Hopper Got a Fourteen Year-old Laurence Fishburne Addicted to Heroin. - source

The true story of when Dennis Hopper came to Houston and nearly killed himself

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