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Actor Geoffrey Rush was cast for The King's Speech after reading the script which was hand delivered to his home, against industry practices. The production manager later received a four-page email from Rush's agent, berating him for the breach of etiquette, but said that Rush likes it.

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The Australian of the Year award has been given out on that day since 1960. Past winners include the cricket player Steve Waugh, the painter Arthur Boyd, and the actor Geoffrey Rush.

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  1. Since western audiences tend to move their eyes from left to right, in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Geoffrey Rush requested that when sharing screen time with his "more attractive" cast mates, he be standing on the left as much as possible. Especially Keira Knightley!

  2. Geoffrey Rush, the actor who played Barbarossa in Pirates of the Caribbean, is the youngest actor to earn the "Triple Crown in Acting".

  3. Johnny Depp is 2 years older than Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa) was during filming of The Curse of the Black Pearl

  4. Geoffrey Rush is a genius, as well as a phenomenal actor

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