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In 1991 an F-15 fighter achieved an air-to-air kill using a 2000lb bomb. The USAF F-15E Strike Eagle of the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron released a GBU-10 Paveway II laser-guided bomb which, after 30 seconds of flight, impacted an Iraqi Air Force Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunship.

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It's possible to trap a laser's beam inside a stream of water, which will result in the beam being guided by the stream.

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  1. US Army has a working prototype of a land-based laser cannon that can be guided by an Xbox controller

  2. The "electrolaser", a real world directed-energy weapon which fires laser-guided lightning bolts. When fired, a laser forms a channel of supercharged plasma out of the surrounding air, creating a path for the lightning and also causing a sonic boom.

  3. Observatories shoot lasers into the high atmosphere to create an artificial guide star which is used to judge the distortion caused by the atmosphere. This information is then used to negate the atmospheric distortion and produce sharp images of celestial objects.

  4. One of the US air victories in Desert Storm was a laser guided bomb dropped on a helicopter that was "200 or so" feet in the air.

  5. BOLT-117"... The first laser guided bomb... actually saw service in Vietnam. They didnt have guidance pods on the aircraft, so a weapons officer would have to point a laser out the back seat of a moving F-4 Phantom to designate the target. Despite this, the weapon proved highly effective.

  6. The US Military dropped laser-guided blocks of concrete on targets in Iraq to limit collateral damage.

  7. Texas Instruments produces/designs/manufactures military weapons such as missiles and bombs, including the world's first laser-guided bomb, known as the BOLT-117

  8. An F-15E Strike Eagle once dropped a laser guided bomb and hit an airborne Iraqi helicopter

  9. Before the advent of laser-guided missiles, pigeons were successfully tested to guide missiles to a target with a very high success rate.

  10. During the Gulf War, an F-15E Strike Eagle, an aircraft primarily used for ground attacks, made a documented kill of an enemy helicopter...using a laser guided bomb. This event was the ONLY documented air-to-air kill for an F-15E using a bomb.

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The USA is well on their way to a laser-guided sniper round.

It's possible to trap a laser's beam inside a stream of water, which will result in the beam being guided by the stream. - source

The desperate Swedes now drop laser-guided precision bombs (Paveways/GBU-49s) on forest fires to extinguish the blaze. (Article in first comment) - source

In 1983 under U.S. President Ronald Reagan a plan was conceived that was dubbed "Star Wars" which planned to use earth and space based X-ray lasers and other projectiles guided by a supercomputer to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles in the sky.

From it's invention in 1960, it took only 8 years for the LASER to be researched and engineered to used for guided bombs in Vietnam. - source

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Observatories fire lasers into space in to create an artificial guide star in order to judge the distortion caused by the atmosphere. They can then use this information to actively distort the imaging equipment to the same degree to produce sharp images of celestial objects.

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