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The world record for the loudest thing ever shouted belongs to an Irish female teacher who shouted the word “quiet” at 121 decibels, the equivalent of a jet engine.

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In an effort to fight oil well fires, Hungarian engineers recycled a Russian T-34 tank, and replaced the gun turret with two Mig-21 jet engines. The team would inject water into the exhaust of the engines and literally blow an oil well fire out. They called the device Big Wind.

Why are jet engines more efficient at higher altitudes?

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why are jet engines more efficient at high altitude?

  1. The blades in a Rolls Royce jet engine are so technologically advanced and intricately designed that each blade is roughly worth the price of an average family car.

  2. A plane engine system that will be able to take a person anywhere in the world in four hours. The new system is called SABRE, which is a jet engine that also doubles as a rocket engine. In a commercial plane, 300 passengers will whizz around the world at five times the speed of sound.

  3. The weird little "spirals" on jet engine turbine tips are so the ground crews can tell if an engine is spinning or not

  4. In the 1960s Chrysler developed a car powered by a gas turbine engine. It could rev to 44,500 rpm, sounded like a vacuum cleaner and could run on diesel, petrol, kerosine, jet fuel and as the President of Mexico proved, tequila.

  5. The Airbus A380 jumbo jet was so well insulated from engine noise that the pilots couldn't sleep during their rest periods as they could hear every crying baby, snoring passenger, and toilet flush. To combat the problem, Airbus was considering piping ambient noise back into the plane.

  6. In 1942, Jack Woolams, a test pilot for the new top secret "Jet Engine" aircraft, would surprise other unsuspecting propeller planes by flying up along side them in his jet while wearing a gorilla suit and smoking a cigar.

  7. In 1940, while fighting the Battle of Britain and desperate to gain American support to win WW2, Great Britain handed over technologies to the USA that included radar, sonar, plastic explosives, the jet engine and the first practical calculations for the atomic bomb.

  8. In 1958, the Chinese captured a US Sidewinder missile just four days after it was introduced into combat when it got stuck in a Chinese jet during a dogfight with Taiwan aircraft. It was reverse-engineered into the Soviet AA-2 Atoll (K-13) missile and used against US planes in Vietnam.

  9. The hoverboard was invented for real in April 2016. Powered by six compact jet engines totaling 1000 HP (equivalent to four automobile engines), and stabilized with Segway-like algorithmic balancing, it has a flight time of 10 minutes using a camelbak filled with jet fuel.

  10. Noshir Gowadia, one of the lead engineers for the B-2 stealth bomber, is serving a 32 year prison sentence for selling classified information to the Chinese Government (in particular cruise-missile and jet related stealth technology).

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The blades in a Rolls Royce jet engine are so technologically advanced and intricately designed that each blade is roughly worth the price of an average family car

The Hungarians use a pair of jet engines mounted on a tank to extinguish oil fires - source

Surplus jet engines were used to de-ice railroads in Russia - source

A TPS report actually stands for "Testing Procedure Specification" or document IEEE 829, something Mike Judge really used when he was an engineer working on military jets out of college.

The last German plane to fly over Britain during WW2 was a jet-engined bomber. - source

When were jet engines invented?

During the design process of the World Trade Center, engineers had considered and done an analysis of a scenario where a jet airliner impacted a tower.

How jet engines are made?

Jet airliners with 3 engines were only used because of the FAA's rule limiting 2 engined aircraft to be within 60 minutes of an airport at any given time. This rule was lifted when jet aircraft became more reliable, and the time was extended.

The Soviets installed a MIG-15 jet fighter engine on a T-54 tank, the air pressure and extreme heat of the engine was used to detect and detonate mines under paved roads.

Despite designing nuclear missiles and launching astronauts into space, China has so far failed to build a reliable, high performance jet engine.

The chief engineer for the SR-71 project was also the lead engineer for the first mach 2 fighter, the first US jet fighter, the first US twin engine fighter, and the first hypersonic aircraft. He produced a mach 4.3 drone before the SR-71, and a drone that rode on the back of an SR-71.

The largest cargo airplane today is the Antonov An-225 cargo jet. It has six engines and is capable of carrying 559,577 pounds. It also holds the record for airlifting the largest payload.

Do jet engines reverse when landing?

The blades in a Rolls Royce jet engine are so technologically advanced and intricately designed that each blade is roughly worth the price of an average family car

There is a medical billing code for being sucked into a jet engine.

Niobium alloys are also used in rocket and jet engines due to its superior strength at extremely high temperatures.

The single most common commercial use for rhenium is in the alloys that make up jet engines.

About 'Big Wind', the world's most powerful fire engine. Consisting of two MiG 21 jet engines mounted on a decommissioned Russian T-34 tank, it was designed by Hungarian engineers to put out oil well fires

How jet engines start?

Fires can be put out with tank mounted jet engines.

After the September 11th 1973 coup in Chile, the Rolls Royce factory union refused to repair engines belonging to Chilean fighter jets, resulting in much of the Chilean Air Force being grounded.

A Hungarian company strapped two MIG fighter jet engines to a Soviet era tank and use it to put out oil well fires.

Art Afron, a former Navy Petty Officer, Became interested in drag racing upon discharge. Afron proceeded to buy a G.E. afterburning jet engine from a scrap dealer for $600. He refurbished it himself, and set several land speed records in 1964/1965

The jet engines of the highly advanced and top secret SR-71 Blackbird were started with a pair of Buick V8 automobile motors.

The B-36 Peacemaker Bomber. In 1955, this aircraft utilized 6 propeller engines and 4 jets, needed 15 men to operate, could carry the equivalent of 9 Little Boy Atomic Bombs, had a wingspan that would take over a minute to walk across, and had a range of 10,000 miles.

William Rankin was the only known person to survive a fall from the top of a cumulonimbus thunderstorm cloud. Flying an F-8 jet fighter over a cumulonimbus cloud, the engine failed forcing him to eject and parachute into the cloud. Rankin later wrote a book, “The Man Who Rode the Thunder.”

Paninternational Flight 112 crashed shortly after takeoff, due to the water cooling system in the engine being filled with jet fuel instead of water.

Germans can be credited with inventing the light bulb, the calculator and the jet engine.

The US first deliverable hydrogen bombs were so large, they required a special WWII era bomber with six backward facing 3800 hp engines, as well as four jet engines to assist. It was called the B-36 "peacemaker".

An engineer inadvertently took off in an English Electric Lightening fighter jet after accidentally engaging the Mach 2.0-capable afterburner.

The Soviet jet MiG-25 was so fast and powerful that above Mach 2.8, its engines would literally digest themselves

Samsung has a military branch. They're producing jet engines, robots and tanks!

Jet Fuel (Jet A) can be used in Diesel Engines.

Samsung Corporation is so large that it's had its own military division, Samsung Techwin, since 1983. It designs/manufactures thousands of mobile artillery tanks, jet engines, & amphibious assault vehicles for the South Korean army and for export to military allies.

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