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President Richard Nixon ordered a tactical nuclear strike on North Korea while drunk, but Kissinger told the Joint Chiefs to ignore the order until Nixon sobered up.

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USAF Project Thor (aka "Rods from God”) consisted of dropping telephone pole sized tungsten rods from space. This would provide global strike faster than an ICBM, be nearly impossible to defend against, and would hit the earth at Mach 10 causing the devastation of a tactical nuclear warhead.

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  1. Britain once placed a tank 500 yards away from a 9 kiloton tactical nuclear warhead during a weapons test. The tank survived with only minimal damage, and was eventually deployed to Vietnam.

  2. The US developed a tactical Nuclear Bazooka during the Cold War

  3. The Manifesto stated their opposition to arming the German military with tactical nuclear weapons.

  4. Blue Peacock, British tactical nuclear weapon project during 1950s. It was observed that during winter buried objects gets very cold. To overcome this issue the proposal was made to include live chickens in the mechanism and use their body heat to ensure the bomb worked when buried for a week.

  5. General William Westmoreland, the Chief of Staff of the United States Army at the time considered the use of tactical nuclear weapons, but was ruled due to the terrain, not geo-political considerations.

  6. For more than 40 years, Turkey has been a quiet custodian of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons.

  7. Detonating a nuclear payload high up in the atmosphere creates a huge EMP, a tactic that could be used by countries at war to completely cripple an enemy's electrical devices. without touching their mainland.

  8. About suitcase nuclear devices - tactical nuclear weapons that are portable enough to fit into a suitcase delivery method.

  9. At the height of the Cold War, Tactical Nuclear Weapons were stationed within 15 miles of Guantanamo Bay which was to be a first strike target in the event of an invasion

  10. In the 1950s a British Tactical Nuclear Weapons Project named 'Blue Peacock' proposed building Live Chickens into the structure of the bomb, so that the body heat of the chickens would keep the circuitry inside the bomb from reaching a temperature low enough to render the bomb dormant.

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