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Depleted uranium is the less radioactive part of uranium ore from the "enrichment" purification process rather than "used-up" nuclear fuel. It is used in munitions because of its density, self-sharpening and incendiary properties.

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Using IFRs there is enough depleted uranium in our oceans' water to fuel the planet until the sun consumes the earth.

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  1. 95% (Nearly 700,000 tonnes) of Depleted Uranium is stored in open air facilities and in certain common conditions can break down into elements that are highly soluble. Stored in containers that only last decades and will require half a billion dollars to dispose of.

  2. Over 440,000 kg of depleted uranium munitions were used in Iraq, leading to widespread cancer and birth defects across Iraq. In the city of Najaf, doctors claim that cancer is now more prevalent than the flu.

  3. Boeing used to put depleted Uranium in the tails of some jets. The dense material was used as a counter weight in the rudder to prevent aerodynamic flutter.

  4. Depleted uranium is more dangerous as a heavy metal than a radioactive element.

  5. The first 550 Boeing 747s each contained 400-1500kg of depleted uranium as trim weight

  6. Depleted Uranium is used as ammunition as high density penetrators against heavily armored targets

  7. Until the 1980's, passenger planes like the 747 contained up to 3000 pounds of depleted uranium underneath the wings, to balance the weight.

  8. The US military's suspected use of depleted-uranium munitions during the 2nd Iraq war.

  9. Early to mid-aged 747's had a 300kg ballast of depleted uranium in the tail.

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Birth defects were exceptionally rare in Iraq before the large scale use of Depleted Uranium weapons; now they are commonplace. Mothers no longer ask, 'Doctor, is it a boy or a girl' Instead they ask, 'Doctor, is my child normal.'

Fiestaware, a dinnerware company that uses radioactive glaze to color its products: uranium oxide from both natural and depleted uranium. - source

The only redeeming value of tumbleweed is that it helps clean up depleted uranium from old nuclear weapon testing ground - source

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