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Dwayne Johnson "aka: The Rock" began his acting and wrestling career after being cut from the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. He would later say "Sometimes, your biggest dreams that don’t come true are the best things that never happened."

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The American Soccer League made soccer fairly popular in the U.S. in the 1920's. However, FIFA and the United States Football Association forced the ASL to fold in 1933, creating the image of soccer being a foreign and unwelcoming sport to americans.

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  1. Joe's father taught him how to play football when he was young. His father listed his son as 9 instead of 8 so that he could play the sport in a league.

  2. The Barclay's Premier league is actually part of the English Football system of about 5000 teams all of which, theoretically through promotion and relegation, could ascend to the top of the football pyramid

  3. M&M's are a sponsor of the National Football League.

  4. Lucozade sponsors many teams and athletes including the McLaren Formula One team, the Republic of Ireland Football Team, the England Football Team, the England Rugby Football Union, the FA Cup, the FA Premier League, the Amateur Rowing Association, Ben Wynne, Ronan O"Gara, Damien Duff, Steven Gerrard, and Michael Owen.

  5. The WFL(World Football League) team "Florida Blazers", had to give players meal vouchers for McDonald's in lieu of payment.

  6. The USFL, a failed football league, was created to play in the off season of the NFL. It only lasted three seasons, with Dan Marino being the first ever drafted player.

  7. Donald Trump bought the New Jersey Generals, a football team in 1983. The league his team played in folded only a few years later.

  8. There was a football match that ended up in 1-3, but all goals in the match were scored by the lost team. It was Sunderland versus Chartlon Athletic 15 years ago in English Premier League. All the four goals were scored by Sunderland players.

  9. More than two decades after the upstart pro football league's demise, clips from USFL games still show up in movies and TV as generic game scenes, to avoid the NFL's high licensing fees.

  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers football team won six Super Bowls in their years in the league so far.

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How early was the title concluded in Europe's top 15 football leagues

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Comparison of temperature, CO2 and football Premier League wages

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FC Santa Claus is a real football team which plays in the Finnish lower leagues, hailing from Rovaniemi, a town within the Arctic Circle and has Santa Claus as its logo.

Bob Marley's son and The Rock were college football teammates. Marley went on play in the Canadian Football League. - source

Deion Sanders played in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League at the same time. He hit a homerun and scored a touchdown in the same week. He is also the only person to play in the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Tax exemption for the NFL is almost tailored for them in the IRC 501(c)(6) stating tax exemption for "Professional football leagues"

Miroslav Klose, the holder of the most goals scored in the World Cup, started his footballing career as a carpenter who played amateur lower-league football by night. - source

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Snoop Dogg is the founder of his own charity football league, 'Snoop Youth Football League' or SYFL. The football league was created to keep inner-city children and teenagers away from drugs, crime and possible gang affiliations.

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In 1902, before the advent of the modern World Series, the American League and National League challenged each other to a game of football to determine the best team in baseball.

Vince McMahon's original plan before founding the original XFL as his football league was to buy all the Canadian Football League teams and have them move south of the border

The smallest football league in the world has only 2 teams, which play each other every Sunday for 17 times per season

Russia has a league of American football. There are 11 teams in two divisions participating in the league. The teams also have American names like Perm Steel Tigers, Moscow Dragons, Ekaterinburg Ural Lightnings and so on

Medal of Honor Recipient, Joe Foss. Born in an unelectrified farmhouse in South Dakota, he went on to be a brigadier general, the 20th governor of South Dakota, president of the National Rifle Association, the first commissioner of the American Football League, and a television broadcaster.

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Money spent on summer transfers by European football leagues over the past 5 seasons

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European Top 5 football leagues 2016-17 - time series of betting odds

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There was a man who won Olympic gold and silver in tennis, won doubles at Wimbledon, compiled a 147 break in snooker, made a century at Lord's Cricket Ground, captained the British Davis Cup team, captained league runners-up Manchester City FC, and captained the England national football team

For the 24th season of the National Football League in 1943, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles merged into a single team known by fans as the Steagles.

In 1925 the goalkeeper of Jewish Austrian football team HaKoah Vienna broke his arm during a game so he switched positions with a forward. Seven minutes later, he scored the winning goal, clinching HaKoah's league championship.

The Chicago Bears football team is one of only two founding National Football League (NFL) teams still in existence and has more players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame than any other team in the NFL.

The English football league system has 24 levels made of 140 leagues and 480 divisions, comprising around 7,000 individual clubs. Theoretically, a level 24 team can be promoted all the way to the Premier League.

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In the 1990s the Canadian Football League added several teams to American cities, including Baltimore, Memphis, and Las Vegas. In 1995 the Baltimore Stallions became the only non-Canadian team to win the Grey Cup.

In 2010 the San Diego Chargers had the #1 ranked offense AND defense in the entire National Football League...and failed to make the playoffs.

After English football team Wimbledon FC relocated to another city, protesting fans created their own club called AFC Wimbledon. Since their formation in 2002, AFC Wimbledon have risen from the 9th tier of the league pyramid and now compete in the same division as Wimbledon FC in the 3rd tier.

John Daniel "Tooz" Matuszak was an American football defensive end in the National Football League, but is best known for his role as the deformed "Sloth" in the 1985 movie The Goonies.

The European Football Cup (later the UEFA Champions League), was formed after a bunch of Europe's best teams lost to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Most Canadian Football League players work second jobs. Only a few stars make enough to work one job.

Wrestling magnate Vince McMahon attempted to buy the Canadian Football League in 1999. Instead, NBC gave Vince $100m to help create NBC's "XFL" to compete against ABC's airing of the NFL. It was the lowest rated sport program ever, voted worst thing ever on ESPN, and each of them lost $35m

Cal Hubbard is the only person in both the football and baseball hall of fame. He played football for the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers, then went on to be a Major League Baseball umpire. He is credited with creating the modern 4 person umpire system, where each person has defined duties

Hundreds of high schools across America have eSports teams — in the same fashion of high school basketball, football, and baseball — that compete and participate in tournaments under the High School ESports League.

The Canadian Football League expanded into the United States for 2 seasons in the 1990s.

The reason why in 1916 Georgia Tech def. Cumberland College 222-0 in football, was because Cumberland College hired ineligible players (such as minor league players) to beat Georgia Tech 22-0 in baseball earlier that year.

Lou Gehrig attended Columbia University on a football scholarship. He played summer league baseball under the assumed name Henry Lewis, which led to his baseball career

In the English football League system, there are 22 levels below the Premier League.

In the United Kingdom there is a full day of Premier League football (soccer in North America) on Boxing Day. Rugby, hockey and even horseracing are also popular Boxing Day sporting events.

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