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When AC/DC was accused of backmasking Satanic messages in "Highway To Hell", guitarist Angus Young said "you didn't need to play [the album] backwards, because we never hid [the messages]. We'd call an album Highway To Hell, there it was right in front of them."

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ACDC wasn't allowed to sing the second verse of "Highway to Hell" due to time restrictions during the grammys, so they sang at half speed as a f*ck you

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  1. About Hell, a village in Norway that has a grocery store, gas station, a fast food shop, and a retirement home. Until late 1995, the European route E6 highway went through Hell and across the Hell bridge, so you were literally able to drive on the Highway to Hell.

  2. Before a 40 year old radio station was taken off the air and replaced with a Christian radio station, the station played Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil", Iron Maiden's "The Number Of The Beast", and AC/DC's "Highway To Hell", to send out it's last hurrah

  3. There is a community in Canada called Redditt. Its main road used to be Highway 666 but has since changed due to a local church thinking it was inappropriate for it to be located on a "Highway to Hell"

  4. In 2013 a pair of AC/DC fans ran a Facebook campaign to push the Highway To Hell single to Christmas #1 and stop The X Factor from getting that position. While the song failed to reach #1, it peaked at #4, becoming AC/DC's first UK Top 10 single.

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