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A Black Sabbath tribute band that dresses up in McDonald's character costumes and sing black sabbath songs with the lyrics changed to sing about food. They are called "Mac Sabbath".

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A NY woman spent 2 years defending herself against a $10M lawsuit by an aspiring musician who alleged that her unattractive appearance at a gig destroyed his potentially very profitable idea to form New York’s first Pink tribute band.

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  1. Austrian Death Machine - a metal band that is a tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger films, with songs that are titled after Arnold movie quotes

  2. There is an all female Led Zeppelin tribute band called Lez Zeppelin

  3. There's a McDonald's themed Black Sabbath tribute band called Mac Sabbath

  4. Noel Gallagher declared No Way Sis, an Oasis tribute band, as the second best band in the world, after Oasis.

  5. Hardcore punk band Black Flag tricked a promoter into playing a show at Manhattan Beach's Polliwog Park by saying they were a Fleetwood Mac tribute band.

  6. The band Train (most famous for its pop hits "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey Soul Sister") released a tribute album that covered 'Led Zeppelin II' in its entirety. The album charted on the Billboard 200 and all proceeds went to charity.

  7. Each member of Queen has a damselfly named after him: Heteragrion freddiemercuryi, H. brianmayi, H. rogertaylori, and H. johndeaconi. Naming four new species after members of the band was done to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of the band's founding.

  8. Jon Davison played in a YES tribute band before becoming YES's lead singer in 2012

  9. Motley Crue used a tribute band drummer (who was also a fan) to fill in for an ailing Tommy Lee during a 2006 concert stop.

  10. After Erasure released an EP of Abba covers called "Abba-esque", the Abba tribute band Björn Again responded with an EP of Erasure covers called "Erasure-ish".

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In 1993 the band (Dwarves) issued a press release stating their guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named had been stabbed to death in Philadelphia. They included a tribute to him on their album of that year. It was a hoax and Sub Pop dropped them from the label.

There is an all-female tribute band that covers AC/DC's Bon Scott-era songs. - source

Dolores O'Riordan, the late lead singer of The Cranberries, was scheduled to perform vocals for a cover of The Cranberries' smash hit song "Zombie" for the band "Bad Wolves." Unfortunately, on that day she had died before the performance. In memoriam, the band produced this tribute video - source

A Black Sabbath tribute band that dresses up in McDonald's character costumes and sing black sabbath songs with the lyrics changed to sing about food. They are called "Mac Sabbath".

When the lead singer of Judas Priest left the band, he was replaced with the lead singer of a Judas Priest tribute band. The film 'Rock Star' was loosely inspired by this. - source

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A 1980s Rolling Stones tribute band singer wrote an original song with a Stones sound to it and had a hit.

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There's a legit McDonalds themed Black Sabbath tribute band - Mac Sabbath - with hits like Pair-a-buns & More Ribs

Pantera was a ZZ Top tribute band called Tres Diablos during Phil's hiatus

The Visual Kei band, the GazettE, created the song TAION as a tribute to Furuta Junko, a girl brutally tortured until death by a group of sick bastards in Japan.

Elvana, a Nirvana tribute band fronted by an Elvis impersonator.

While Pink Floyd were recording “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett) a strange man that the band did not recognize attended the session. This man happened to be Syd

When doves cry tribute band?

Joe Elliot, the lead singer of Def Leppard, is also the lead singer in many other tribute bands, including a David Bowie tribute band.

The singer of a Journey tribute band got the lead vocal gig with Journey itself... only to have the rug pulled out a few hours later. Here's a "Pursue your Dreams at All Costs" interview with Fathers Day Bonus: an embedded song he wrote for his son.

Rich Astley is a drummer in an AC/DC Tribute band who regularly gig around London.

SCP-2112 is a copy of Rush's Caress of Steel that makes the listener want to start a Rush tribute band.

Elon Musk has his own heavy metal tribute band

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The lead singer of the band Boston, Brad Delp, was in a Beatles tribute band at the time of his suicide in 2007.

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