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There was a rock band called Coven who are often credited as being the first "Satanic" rock band. Their bassist's name was "Oz Osborne" and they wrote a song called "Black Sabbath" on their debut album. Their debut album predates Black Sabbath's debut album with Ozzy Osbourne by one year.

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Robert Leonard the original bassist for the band 'Sha Na Na', after proofreading the band's contracts, realized he had a knack for critically examining language. He returned to school, received his M.A., MPhil, and PhD from Columbia University and now works as a forensic linguist.

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  1. The Guns N' Roses hit song Sweet Child o' Mine came under controversy in 2015 when a very similar sounding track by a lesser known Australian rock band was discovered to have been released six years prior. Upon hearing the song, GnR's bassist, Duff McKagan, called the similarities "stunning."

  2. Queen guitarist Brian May jokingly asked the band bassist, John Deacon, to learn the double bass for the recording of his folk song '39. Just a couple days later, he found Deacon in the studio with the instrument, having already learned to play it.

  3. REM's 1994 song What's the Frequency, Kenneth? slows down towards the end because bassist Mike Mills had an appendicitis attack and had to be rushed to hospital and the band couldn't re-do it

  4. There was a poll in 2005 to determine the best "dream" supergroup asking people to vote for the best singer, the best guitarist, the best bassist, and the best drummer of all time. Each member of Led Zeppelin won their respective categories, making them the greatest ''fantasy supergroup'' band.

  5. Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford was arrested at the 2000 MTV VMAs for protesting Limp Bizkit by climbing the show’s set. The band pleaded with him not to but video director Michael Moore told him, "Timmy, Follow your heart." He then rushed the stage. The band broke up soon after.

  6. Sid Vicious was such a poor bassist that when performing with the Sex Pistols his band mates would often unplug his amplifier mid-performance.

  7. Original Beatles bassist Stuart Sutcliffe, who was an art school friend of John Lennon's and the first to sport the later-on iconic mop top haircut, left the band to pursue his career as a painter, but would die from an aneurysm less than a year later.

  8. No Doubt's Don't Speak was originally written as a happy love song with lyrics like "We're always together/We will be forever/such a special treasure;" after breaking up with the band's bassist, Gwen Stefani re-wrote it to reflect her emotional anguish

  9. Kurt Cobain wanted to name Nirvana's final album "I Hate Myself And Want To Die" but didn't because bassist Krist Novoselic convinced him that the band might end up with lawsuits if Cobain stuck with the original title

  10. The bassist of 1970's rock band Iron Butterfly developed missile guidance systems and software based digital video compression, was rumored to have disappeared in time travel attempt.

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When guitarist Greg White joined The Clash he was forced to adopt the stage name Vince, as bassist Paul Simonon refused to play in a band with someone named Greg.

The Black Metal band Mayhem, whose vocalist, "Dead", literally thought he was dead. After Dead's suicide, their guitarist "Euronymous", a church burner, made necklaces out of Dead's skull, and featured a picture of his corpse on an album cover. Euronymous was murdered by the band's bassist. - source

Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrayal of a troubled heavy metal fan in the movie "Hesher" was based on late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. The band liked it so much they gave a rare permission to include a few of their songs in the movie's soundtrack. - source

Pete Best was not the first member to drop out of the Beatles. Their original bassist (who helped come up with the band’s name), Stuart Sutcliffe, left to pursue a career in art before soon dying of a brain hemorrhage.

Despite a frequently changing lineup and ever-evolving sound, Yes bassist Chris Squire was the only original member to play on every one of the band's albums from 1969-2014 - source

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Dave Glover, once a bassist for Slade, was kicked out the band for planning to wed serial killer Rose West.

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While The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend considers "Magic Bus" his favourite song to play, bassist John Entwistle claimed it was his least favourite song by the band due to the one-repeated-note bass part.

Bassist Sid Vicious wanted to contribute to the Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks, but the band refused due to Vicious' incompetence. He ultimately played a barely-audible part on the song "Bodies".

Mike Huckabee, former Gov. of AR and former 2008 (R) candidate for US President, was a bassist in a band called Capitol Offense

The New York-based mock metal / glam metal band Satanicide replaced their bassist when they became aware that he "secretly liked Billy Joel.

No Doubt's 1996 hit "Don't Speak" was written by Gwen Stefani who got broken up with by bassist Tony Kanal. The whole band almost broke up the day before filming it due to all the tension. The music video shows her singing soulfully to him throughout it, and won MTV's music video of the year.

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Bassist and songwriter Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy personally prevented one of the band's most famous singles, "Dance, Dance", from appearing on a Kidz Bop compilation due to its sexual lyrics.

Krist Novoselic the bassist from Nirvana and Bud Guagh the drummer from Sublime, created a band called Eyes Adrift after both of leader singers of their previous bands died. (Kurt Cobain having shot himself while high heroin, and Bradley Nowell having overdosed on heroin)

Daniel Tichenor, bassist of Cage The Elephant, learned to play bass overnight, after he was told he was horrible. The next day he was in the band.

Queen bassist John Deacon was a trained electronics engineer prior to joining the band. He used these skills to design and build what became known as the "Deacy" amplifier, which along with Brian May's Red Special guitar became an integral part of Queen's sound.

Rob Trujillo is the longest serving bassist for the band Metallica. Longer than past bassists Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted. He has been with Metallica since 2003.

Bass track used on The Who song "The Real Me" was recorded while bassist John Entwistle was "joking around" but the band loved it and used the only take that was recorded.

The bassist and drummer of art rock band Sigur Rós produced a movie about talking dogs who save Christmas.

Before becoming the bassist of rock band Incubus, Ben Kenney was the guitarist of The Roots.

The Beatles original bassist Stu Sutcliffe suggested the band’s name and was the first to adopt the mop top. He left the band in 1961 and died in 1962. Original drummer Pete Best was fired in 1962, 2 months before The Beatles first single Love Me Do was released.

Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder was born in Barstow, California, and is sometimes confused with Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder, who also comes from Barstow. Co-incidentally, they are now both in a band called Sun and Sail Club which formed in September 2013.

JJ Burnel, singer and bassist from punk band The Stranglers, is the head of the UK branch of Shidokan karate

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Yes bassist Chris Squire formed a band called XYZ after Yes and Led Zeppelin broke up. The band's name was an acronym for "Ex-Yes/Zeppelin." Robert Plant was slated to be the band's vocalist, but later decided not to join, ending the project.

The Song "How Long" by Ace isn't actually about a cheating spouse, but rather the band's bassist working with another band

The bassist for the original lineup of Guns N' Roses, Ole Beich, committed suicide months after the already successful band visited Denmark, his home country.

18-year-old artist Steve Lacy, bassist for the band The Internet, creates all of his solo music on his iPhone.

Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested in 2001 for performing on stage in the nude during the band's performance at Rock in Rio III in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Steven Van Zandt (who plays Silvio Dante in The Sopranos) is also a famous bassist, member of Bruce Springsteen's band since 1967.

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