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There is a part of Route 66 in New Mexico where the grooves in the road play "America the Beautiful" as you drive over it.

A Stretch of Route 66 Will Play 'America the Beautiful' as You Drive to the Side

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  1. There is a stretch of road on Route 66 that plays America the Beautiful if you drive on the rumble strips.

  2. Just outside Albuquerque you can drive East on Route 66 and hit a rumble strip that plays "America The Beautiful" if you drive the speed limit, turning the wheels of your car into a phonograph

  3. A rumble strip on Route 66 outside Albuquerque, New Mexico plays 'America The Beautiful'.

  4. Route 66 State park in Missouri was once home to a promising town called Times Beach until a massive contamination wiped it off the map

  5. A stretch of Route 66 will play 'America the Beautiful' as you drive over its rumble strips

  6. Erden Eruç took 5 years and 11.5 days of rowing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling to become the first person in history to complete an entirely solo and entirely human-powered circumnavigation of the globe. The route he followed was 66,299 km (41,196 mi) long.

  7. Star Trek: TNG, DS9, and Voyager are now old enough for Decades, a TV channel airing retro, "classic" series. Other shows: F Troop, I Love Lucy, Route 66, and Beverly Hills 90210.

  8. As a young child Ron Howard appeared in many TV shows including Johnny Ringo, Five Fingers, The Twilight Zone, Dennis the Menace, The Danny Thomas Show, Cheyenne, Pete and Gladys, Route 66, The New Breed, The Big Valley and many more.

  9. In 2003 US 666, once a spur route of the decommissioned US 66, was changed to US 491, a spur of US 191, due to concerns of accidents along the hellish US 666

  10. The only national park in the U.S. to contain a portion of the famous and historic Route 66 is Petrified Forest National Park.

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Driving the speed limit will add musical accompaniment to your trip on Route 66

A section of rumble strips on route 66 in New Mexico will play "America the Beautiful" when you drive over them at the speed limit. - source

Route 66(TV series) had its setting change from week to week, with each episode being shot on location in the area in which it was set - source

Nat Geo helped build a 'Musical Road' that plays music as you drive over it to help slow down drivers on route 66.

Chinese replica cities; Paris, London, and even Jackson Hole, WY have been duplicated in China, including a 350' Eiffel Tower, London's Tower Bridge, and a knockoff 'Route 66' that doesn't actually go to Jackson Hole... - source

The highway from Chicago to Los Angeles was originally Route 60, but Kentucky complained about not having a "Prestigious Zero Highway," so they got 60 and the "Mother Road" became Route 66.

US highway trunk routes running east-west are numbered as multiples of 10 (Rt 30, 40, 50, etc.) One notable exception was Route 66, which was given that number to resolve a dispute between states over the routing of Route 60

A section of rumble strips on Route 66 in New Mexico play America the beautiful if you drive the speed limit

There is a part of the road on Route 66 in New Mexico that "sings" America the Beautiful" as you drive on it. There are several of these types of roads throughout the world.

There are "musical" roads. Drive over the rumble strips to hear a tune. A stretch of US Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras plays "America the Beautiful"

The New Mexico Department of Transportation designed rumble strips on Route 66 to play “America the Beautiful” on repeat if driven at exactly 45 MPH

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(Get your Kicks on) Route 66" was written by the actor that played Dr. Joe Early on the TV show "Emergency!".

Missouri and Solar Roadways are planning to turn a section of Route 66 into a solar roadway

Route 66, westbound from Albuquerque, started out as a camel trail.

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