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Rumble strips cause an increase in roadkill. During winter, the salt that gets put on the road accumulates in the spaces of the rumble strips. Moose, elk, and deer view this as a convenient salt lick, and get hit by oncoming traffic.

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There is a stretch of road on Route 66 that plays America the Beautiful if you drive on the rumble strips.

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  1. Just outside Albuquerque you can drive East on Route 66 and hit a rumble strip that plays "America The Beautiful" if you drive the speed limit, turning the wheels of your car into a phonograph

  2. A rumble strip on Route 66 outside Albuquerque, New Mexico plays 'America The Beautiful'.

  3. A stretch of Route 66 will play 'America the Beautiful' as you drive over its rumble strips

  4. Highway shoulder rumble strips were developed in Pennsylvania in 1989 by Neil E. Wood. When their initial trial produced a 70% reduction in drift-off-road accidents, they were installed across the PA Turnpike.

  5. A section of rumble strips on route 66 in New Mexico will play "America the Beautiful" when you drive over them at the speed limit.

  6. New Mexico has a "singing highway" that will play "America the Beautiful" as your tires hit its rumble strips

  7. A section of rumble strips on Route 66 in New Mexico play America the beautiful if you drive the speed limit

  8. There are "musical" roads. Drive over the rumble strips to hear a tune. A stretch of US Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras plays "America the Beautiful"

  9. The New Mexico Department of Transportation designed rumble strips on Route 66 to play “America the Beautiful” on repeat if driven at exactly 45 MPH

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