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Then Vice-President Richard Nixon shattered the original gavel of the US Senate while using it during a heated, late-night debate in 1954.

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Then 77yo philosopher A.J. Ayer rescued Naomi Campbell from a heated incident with Mike Tyson at a party, and proceeded to distract him in civil debate while Campbell escaped

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  1. The heated debate among Titanic survivors and scholars over which hymn the band was playing during the ship's final plunge. Some say it was "Nearer, My God, to Thee." According to his longtime friend, the band leader once mentioned the song as one he'd play if ever on board a sinking ship.

  2. Max Kellerman Is Blacker Than Stephen A Smith. Terrell Owens Tells Stephen A Smith That “Max Kellerman Seems Blacker Than You” In Heated Debate On ESPN

  3. That, in the wake of Monty Python's Life of Brian, there was a heated debate between Palin, Cleese, a bishop and a journalist, Muggerridge. The journalist called the film "buffoonery", "tenth-rate", "this miserable little film" and "this little squalid number"

  4. William Scoville, the neurosurgeon who performed the bilateral temporalobectomy on one of psychology's most famous patients, H.M.,which at the time settled a long heated debate that long-term and short-term memory were two very different things, was eventually sued for malpractice.

  5. There was a debate in the Canadian chamber of the house in 1956 about a proposed pipeline deadline that got so heated, Liberal MP Lorne MacDougall died on the floor. The deadline that caused the stress-related death turned out to be inconsequential.

  6. Between 1912 and 1948, the Olympic Games awarded medals in sculpture, music, painting, and architecture.After a heated debate in the post-war years, the competitions were scrapped. John Copley of Britain won one of the final medals at age 73 for his painting named "Polo Players".

  7. A man was shot in heated Kant philosophy debate in Russia

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