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Gibby Haynes was so drunk during the recording of "Jesus Built My Hotrod" he fell over multiple times spouting nothing but gibberish. Despite this, Al Jourgensen still used it for the songs lyrics, and it is Ministry's most popular song.

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Gibby Haynes, singer of the band Butthole Surfers. In a 1996 Rolling Stone interview, when asked if he could go back and choose a different name for the band, Haynes replied "I would name the band: I'm Going to Shit in Your Mother's Vagina."

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  1. Gibby Haynes (singer of Butthole Surfers) is the son of famous child entertainer Jerry Haynes (Mr. Peppermint)

  2. While John Frusciante was heavily addicted to drugs his friends Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes went to his house and filmed a documentary short called Stuff, depicting the squalor in which he was living.

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